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Post #157153126 added 08-23-2022 8:55 AM by robroy911 in Deal Talk
Code isn't working for me.
Post #157149457 added 08-23-2022 3:15 AM by sn4keeyez in Deal Talk
Can you recommend any of these books?
Post #157129552 added 08-22-2022 7:37 AM by davelikesdeals2 in Deal Talk
EVERYTHING!!! jk There are some really good books out there that're certainly better than this endorsed or worked on by people like the guy from Kerbs on Security that's helped everyone from...
Post #157129372 added 08-22-2022 7:21 AM by rage4order in Deal Talk
I'm not looking to be a professional hacker. I've just always been interested in it. For $1 what have I got to lose??
Post #157127047 added 08-22-2022 1:01 AM by sd1999 in Deal Talk
Movement, Pivoting and Persistence: $1 with code OK_FINE_I_WILL_TOO
Post #157114375 added 08-21-2022 10:49 AM by collectek in Deal Talk
1 more for a bit more. Practical Web Application Security and Testing : Use code ILOVEMYVIEWERS https://academy.tcm-sec.com/p/practical-web-application-security-and-testing
Post #157110049 added 08-21-2022 5:26 AM by davelikesdeals2 in Deal Talk
Unless you have previous experience in programming, networking, or advanced skills with an OS, especially a server OS, you are in for a rude awakening. These courses touch on hacking, there's so so...
Post #157098163 added 08-20-2022 11:11 AM by chiyan in Deal Talk
Expired? "DOLLARANDADREAM" "Invalid Coupon"
Post #157095958 added 08-20-2022 8:35 AM by Bork in Deal Talk
Try readingcomprehension all lower case
Post #157094935 added 08-20-2022 7:22 AM by subhani786 in Deal Talk
And what is the code?
Post #157093009 added 08-20-2022 1:45 AM by skwishbot in Deal Talk
Chapter 5: Nigerian Princes
Post #157086637 added 08-19-2022 4:34 PM by Cartier in Deal Talk
Will I receive a certificate of completion when I finish a course? Yes. All courses come with a certificate of completion.
Post #157083364 added 08-19-2022 1:45 PM by joevanni in Deal Talk
Hey why not? It's only two bucks.
Post #157083001 added 08-19-2022 1:29 PM by luckygecko in Deal Talk
It appears their courses are hosted at teachable(.)com . My password manager tried to log in on one information page. IDK if that is the same as checkout before I'm passing on this.
Post #157082311 added 08-19-2022 12:55 PM by Bostonian2017 in Deal Talk
Interesting thing happened. I was on order page and added my email and chose payment as Paypal. Order form said I already have an account and enter my to password. I bet many will get confused and...
Post #157081624 added 08-19-2022 12:20 PM by SeriousLlama437 in Deal Talk
sth = something? Couldn’t find anything in the post that indicated what you might be attempting to shorten otherwise. So many acronyms these days.
Post #157080157 added 08-19-2022 11:15 AM by JennaSkye in Deal Talk
Just updated this with Linux 101 as well for $1.
Post #157078606 added 08-19-2022 9:58 AM by limarcus in Deal Talk
a dollar to learn sth new why not? I'm in for both!
Post #157078423 added 08-19-2022 9:50 AM by PaulP6715 in Deal Talk
Norton is broken in this case.
Post #157078192 added 08-19-2022 9:39 AM by lilbuddy in Deal Talk
Norton says: Dangerous Webpage Blocked
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