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Post #157825003 added Today 8:52 AM by satnav4 in Hot Deals
Thanks for the post. Some others are having trouble understanding that On are shoes people wear to soccer matches and picnics to impress their friends, rather than real running/tennis shoes.
Post #157824805 added Today 8:44 AM by satnav4 in Hot Deals
The more personal attacks you make, the weaker your argument. It's called an ad hominem attack, as I learned at the private university I attended. You use a tennis player to justify your overpriced...
Geez man. You are the reason why public education gets such a bad name. Let me ESPLAIN it to you like you dropped out of high school. Never said these were tennis shoes. Again, read what was...
Post #157822198 added Today 6:42 AM by satnav4 in Hot Deals
Hey Commode, I searched some more. I found an article showing what the main tennis pros wear. Guess what, it is not On shoes. These On shoes are good for going to the country club or watching Alabama...
"NOT PAID" - He paid to get into it. Then they made a shoe. Try google - it is a great way to educate yourself, brah
Heard of Roger Federer, brah? He did not get paid - he paid to get into it. Like I said, read - educate - then spew.
Post #157814128 added Yesterday 4:54 PM by kbreese in Hot Deals
Brooks also makes great shoes. Just purchased a pair of Brooks Ghost 14's and Saucony Triumph 19's to try out. I have a pair of Saucony Kinvara 10's, and absolutely love them especially for the...
Post #157795666 added 09-25-2022 6:29 PM by gluck in Hot Deals
Not sure what qualifies as an actual runner, but I run 1000 plus miles a year with Asics Kayano and Brooks Ghost in rotation. I want to try this brand but they run very expensive, so would you know...
Post #157793806 added 09-25-2022 4:29 PM by Upperd in Hot Deals
May just be me but I purchased these a year a so ago and got weird knee problems after my second 6mile-ish run in them. Never had issues with my knees previously. Switched back to my old runners and...
Post #157791997 added 09-25-2022 2:24 PM by Vuronov in Hot Deals
On is not very popular with actual runners as they are considered too firm and too overpriced compared to other running shoes that offer the same or much greater performance. On is very popular as...
Post #157791646 added 09-25-2022 1:56 PM by spec2 in Hot Deals
They are nothing like the Nimbus. The Nimbus is a heavy-ish cushioned shoe. If you like the Nimbus feel you'll probably not like On. As for Mizuno, they make lots of models. The only Mizuno's I've...
Post #157791574 added 09-25-2022 1:51 PM by spec2 in Hot Deals
Interesting you say that because I'm an "actual runner" and the Cloudflow and CloudMonster are both in my rotation, along with Saucony Endorphin Speeds, and Kinvara 11s. As an "actual runner" I've...
Post #157791232 added 09-25-2022 1:25 PM by akshaic in Hot Deals
Agreed. If they were serious about shoes they would have at lease 5E. They will never make it in the majors. :lmao:
Post #157774024 added 09-24-2022 10:56 AM by shrimpsiumai in Hot Deals
No 4E = not a serious brand
Post #157773655 added 09-24-2022 10:30 AM by superprincesspeach in Hot Deals
thank you so much! The coupon worked for me perfectly :)
Post #157772068 added 09-24-2022 8:40 AM by AmusedTerrier960 in Hot Deals
Do your feet a favor and transition to a zero drop shoe with minimal cushioning.
Post #157770721 added 09-24-2022 7:14 AM by TenseApple583 in Hot Deals
My first experience with this brand was the On Cloud 5, to be used as a casual shoe. As someone else mentioned, the sole gathers a ton of stuff (gravel etc.) as it has a wide gap in it. The holes in...
Post #157756333 added 09-23-2022 11:35 AM by irulz in Hot Deals
How does these compare to Mizuno/Asics Nimbus/etc ?
Post #157748059 added 09-23-2022 5:44 AM by barebones in Hot Deals
I've been dealing with heel pain for some time now and between oofos in my house and a combo of cloud and Hoka Bondis that pain is gone. I go for the clouds over the hokas most times, while it...
Post #157744891 added 09-22-2022 9:17 PM by AlexK6706 in Hot Deals
Go-go-go guys I have half of my IT team on site 24/7 to get this going. :lmao: Keep them rolling.
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