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Post #157803139 added 09-26-2022 7:47 AM by Kuma1 in Hot Deals
Yes it is. The person that said its a "toy" has not answered to tell us what circ saw and bats he actually has. I hope he realizes his "toy" can cut his arm off.
Post #157796815 added 09-25-2022 7:40 PM by jeff34270 in Hot Deals
That's what I had thought too. I was wrong. A Japanese saw like the double sided Ryoba will make quick work of resizing a 2x4 or making quick cuts in plywood to fit it around the many obstructions...
Post #157796062 added 09-25-2022 6:50 PM by Tonythebrick in Hot Deals
I bought (actually it was "free" with the $169 drill + impact Home Depot deal in August) the R8656 based on the Tool Box Buzz "Best Cordless 6-1/2 Circular Saw" head-to-head video and I've been...
Post #157772836 added 09-24-2022 9:36 AM by SmilingBird412 in Hot Deals
At this point there are many cordless circular saws that perform as good or better than their corded brethren. You tube is full of comparison videos. I have't used my corded Skill saw in I don't know...
Post #157772809 added 09-24-2022 9:33 AM by SmilingBird412 in Hot Deals
Hmm, a Japanese hand saw is a strange tool to use for those cuts. Generally it's a specialized tool for undercuts and finish work.
Post #157764325 added 09-23-2022 6:31 PM by crazymonkey1208 in Hot Deals
I agree, which is why I still own my corded saw. I know the day will come that I'll need it. With my luck that day is usually the day after I sell it lol BTW, I got my Milwaukee 6.5" off Ebay...
Post #157752973 added 09-23-2022 9:25 AM by BT1982 in Hot Deals
Ironically the only part that has ever hurt me on a table saw was the anti-kickback device (no the table saw was not running at the time).
Awesome response, agreed and thank you! The passion of your post was not lost on me😁 At the heart of your statement you're right in that a corded Circ is what i'd pick if there could be only one🗡️. ...
Post #157750036 added 09-23-2022 7:31 AM by blueapplepaste in Hot Deals
Been this price for a while now. I bought it in Aug for this price. I've been slowly migrating most of my tools to cordless and am fully in the Ridgid ecosystem. I'm a weekend warrior, so cordless...
Post #157749835 added 09-23-2022 7:23 AM by Kuma1 in Hot Deals
I live on acreage and work on other properties where power is not always nearby. In fact, I used the circ saw yesterday for trellis repair work for a large garden that is far from the house where...
Post #157749343 added 09-23-2022 7:00 AM by jeff34270 in Hot Deals
It was many years ago, working on a bathroom remodel with a seasoned builder, when I was getting out the circular saw and jig saw to make cuts in plywood and 2x4s and he scoffed, got out his Japanese...
Post #157748542 added 09-23-2022 6:19 AM by crauty in Hot Deals
Lol...then I'll have to get my battery powered headlamp and handsaw out.
Post #157748515 added 09-23-2022 6:17 AM by crauty in Hot Deals
I haven't had a chance to use the Milwaukee version but, like most of that brand's wares, I have no doubt it is an excellent tool - at a premium. I suspect we'd agree that comparing a corded and...
Post #157748362 added 09-23-2022 6:08 AM by crauty in Hot Deals
Your points are all fair and well received. 'Worthless' was a bit strong of an adjective and I will retract it here. Perhaps I should have said 'worth less to me than...' 😉 I think you distilled the...
Post #157747678 added 09-23-2022 5:05 AM by crazymonkey1208 in Hot Deals
"Corded = never going to let you down 1/2 through a job, yes" Unless you have a power outage lol😂
Post #157747639 added 09-23-2022 5:01 AM by crazymonkey1208 in Hot Deals
Completely disagree. I have a Milwaukee 6.5" M18 and I haven't touched my corded saw since. Unless I'm cutting 4x4 or 6x6 posts the cordless handles everything I throw its way. I also find it bucks...
Post #157745791 added 09-22-2022 10:53 PM by SaveMeMoneyPlease69 in Hot Deals
I have both corded and battery powered saws. Once upon a time I may have been in your camp but to call a cordless saw worthless is really not true at all. Corded = more utility to cost, yes...
Post #157744858 added 09-22-2022 9:13 PM by jdoubleh in Hot Deals
Thanks, I believe I read the previous Octane models did not have the brake. The corded Skil Sidewinder I bought to complete a deck project about two years ago does not. It continues to spin a lot...
Post #157743850 added 09-22-2022 8:01 PM by crauty in Hot Deals
My two cents (okay hundreds of dollars): I own a bunch of Ridgid tools and have been invested in the ecosystem since the very first drill that they offered with a lifetime warranty in 2003 (yup, the...
Post #157743676 added 09-22-2022 7:50 PM by Kuma1 in Hot Deals
15 posts since 2016 and thats all you got. hahaha And of course you are wrong. It is the most powerful, fastest cutting 6/12 circ saw per a comparison using a track system and long rip cuts. It...
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