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Post #158247397 added 10-14-2022 9:24 AM by h0lysh1etbucket in Deal Talk
nice catch
Post #158242114 added 10-14-2022 1:45 AM by fewlio in Deal Talk
https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09V832JYX/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1 more watts and they show the watts on the one end of the usb c cable. As ronald reagan used to say ,...
Post #158000014 added 10-05-2022 10:09 AM by ozzyadu in Deal Talk
Looks like their CS has gotten better, but the quality still seems to suck especially if you had to replace something several dozen times.
Post #157989262 added 10-04-2022 7:15 PM by gmanvbva in Deal Talk
What??? I’ve had Anker replace probably a dozen cables over the last several years. Just need the serial #, proof of purchase and picture. Pretty hassle free.
Post #157963462 added 10-03-2022 5:42 PM by dave388 in Deal Talk
Email support. They sent me a new
Post #157915012 added 10-01-2022 6:31 AM by wspfan in Deal Talk
Anyone have a recommendation for USB-C to Lightning Cable for Apple iPhone 13 pro ?? My Anker is coming apart!! Thanks.
Post #157914880 added 10-01-2022 6:20 AM by Hope4Best in Deal Talk
Good Catch 👍
Post #157894675 added 09-30-2022 8:14 AM by Jack Schitt in Deal Talk
Anker fan here myself, but for charging these will do it for 1/2 the price (per cable): USB-C to USB-C Cable 60W , JSAUX Clip 20% off coupon on landing page to drop from $9.99 to $7.99 for a...
Post #157877143 added 09-29-2022 3:31 PM by Superwizard in Deal Talk
My experience has been good with Anker. I RMA cables and chargers without much hassle.
Post #157862680 added 09-28-2022 10:59 PM by DogIRL in Deal Talk
Usb 4 0.8m cable was like 8 dollars a few weeks ago. https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapcsales/comments/xha48j/cables_ivvanky_usbif_certified_usb4thunderbolt3/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
Post #157862197 added 09-28-2022 10:19 PM by ozzyadu in Deal Talk
Samsung & Apple OEM cables and chargers have never failed for me. If you feel they are expensive, then go with ugreen
Post #157847218 added 09-28-2022 9:53 AM by FairlightRacing in Deal Talk
I've only needed the warranty once and they sent me a brand new cable for free. Other people on here have shared the same experience. What brands do you consider reputable?
Post #157844779 added 09-28-2022 8:04 AM by ozzyadu in Deal Talk
Their definition of a lifetime warranty is that they will give you a 20% off "coupon" for a new cable. Been through this drama many time s. Try to stick with reputable brands, if not at least avoid...
Post #157825963 added 09-27-2022 10:34 AM by axemexa in Deal Talk
This has a lifetime warranty https://support.anker.com/s/article/Warranty-of-Anker-cables
Post #157823374 added 09-27-2022 8:46 AM by quattro in Deal Talk
Don't forget that "demand" is one of the drivers for price. These are discounted because demand is diminishing. :peace:
Post #157819921 added 09-27-2022 2:27 AM by splunk in Deal Talk
Too expensive
Post #157817734 added 09-26-2022 9:50 PM by fyu in Deal Talk
apparently anker has cornered the market on usb c cables.
Post #157817605 added 09-26-2022 9:41 PM by uvue in Deal Talk
Love the red color.
Post #157817338 added 09-26-2022 9:21 PM by Wand in Deal Talk
Yeah why not, it’s cost a few cents to make them plus a few more cents for licensing.
Post #157817272 added 09-26-2022 9:18 PM by pr1nyc1 in Deal Talk
Gen2 is latest tech. Do you expect $10 cables?
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