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Post #158752624 added 11-04-2022 8:16 PM by FatSmurf in Deal Talk
They used a smaller heatsink but the system also draws 20-30% less power so in theory it should run cooler as well. I haven't seen any comparisons that say that the new model PS5s are running...
Post #158532328 added 10-27-2022 5:48 AM by JerryP1707 in Deal Talk
Anyone's shipped ? They keep taking the money out of my account and it never ships then I got the money back in my account lastnight smh
Post #158356042 added 10-19-2022 9:32 AM by robutt in Deal Talk
I can’t believe they changed the internals and these revised ps5s are louder than the original version because they use a smaller heat sink and louder fan. Fan probably has to be at a higher rpm to...
Post #158336365 added 10-18-2022 12:42 PM by robutt in Deal Talk
Because by limiting supply you create demand and higher profit margins. They want you to buy the bundle essentially and pay $100 more for a blu ray drive you’ll never use
Post #158300509 added 10-16-2022 10:16 PM by Tyross in Deal Talk
Is there a PS5 emulator yet, so I can just play on my PC?
Post #158236240 added 10-13-2022 5:54 PM by FreeSmith in Deal Talk
No way. Sony isnt dumb. They test the new version and the thermals to make sure they are all within spec.
Post #158103031 added 10-09-2022 10:43 PM by joserios90 in Deal Talk
How can you tell which version is the original?
Post #158075716 added 10-08-2022 11:12 AM by frugaldealseeker in Deal Talk
It's not better because the current PS5 are watered down versions if I'm not mistaken with smaller heatsink and bigger fans. The PS5 will run hotter and when VR comes out it may cause overheating...
Post #158042008 added 10-06-2022 8:22 PM by FlyingKitten in Deal Talk
If this new game may be priced at $50 in Black Friday deals, then this bundle may be priced at $550 in less than 2 months.
Post #158027380 added 10-06-2022 11:10 AM by megazone23 in Deal Talk
Just ordered the Console Only from Playstation Direct today. Last invitation event which I missed was just 2 weeks ago. So, anyone doesn't want a bundle should just sign up for the invitation.
Post #158012848 added 10-05-2022 7:41 PM by 9ball in Deal Talk
I went ahead and pre-ordered one because I need another 4K bluray player. Just killed two birds with one stone.
Post #157985212 added 10-04-2022 2:46 PM by seiun-I in Deal Talk
They have made three motherboards already for the standard size. Doesn't mean it won't ever happen but seems like they are content on the case and building around that size. I'd imagine you won't see...
Post #157985173 added 10-04-2022 2:44 PM by seiun-I in Deal Talk
No one knows. MW2 + Warzone was like 200gb for a long time until they let you only install modes you wanted.
Post #157984072 added 10-04-2022 2:03 PM by Sir.Drinks-A-Lot in Deal Talk
Waiting for the PS5 Slim model. Hurry up Sony!
Post #157984015 added 10-04-2022 2:00 PM by superpimp2g in Deal Talk
Oh mw2 gonna be super small then
Post #157983163 added 10-04-2022 1:20 PM by seiun-I in Deal Talk
More like 4/5 of the space. This is no different from any HDD or SSD in any game console back to OG Xbox or PS2. This has been a thing since forever.
Post #157982908 added 10-04-2022 1:06 PM by superpimp2g in Deal Talk
Damn so after installing the game you have like only 2/3 of the space left.
Post #157981084 added 10-04-2022 11:45 AM by megazone23 in Deal Talk
The Horizon bundle have been available quite often recently from PS Direct, Walmart and even Amazon. So, I also think bundle at regular price isn't a real deal. What got sold out in 10mins is the...
Post #157973986 added 10-04-2022 7:05 AM by kboi87 in Deal Talk
Yes, it BLUF: It may or may not be the 1200. Ive chatted with the rep from direct playstatyion. He couldnt verify that it is the 1200. He did say they sell the most up tp date system, however...
Post #157968388 added 10-03-2022 9:16 PM by jugglinglimes in Deal Talk
Aw man, I just got the forbidden west one. I wish I got this instead.
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