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Post #157977613 added 10-04-2022 10:19 AM by partypooper32 in Hot Deals
What dumb logic. I can name a million other things that are over priced but far cheaper than it would cost to make. You know these aren't hand made right?
Post #157936357 added 10-02-2022 10:20 AM by NervousWalrus112 in Hot Deals
Anyone have the link the the Mortal Combat chair? When I look it up, it shows $170.
Post #157936009 added 10-02-2022 10:02 AM by NervousStranger3917 in Hot Deals
Full of stereotypes: yes. Racist: no.
Post #157895926 added 09-30-2022 9:16 AM by amp3d1 in Hot Deals
Ahhh my favorite video games that’s now racist as hell. Japanese and Americans were fine everyone else either a caricature or evil….
Post #157886047 added 09-29-2022 7:51 PM by chris431 in Hot Deals
Far cheaper than it will cost you to make.
Post #157848268 added 09-28-2022 10:39 AM by gordgeck in Hot Deals
Extremely overpriced, more than double even at this price. Better if you are ok with fabric just buy regular stools and you can buy various fabric themed game stuff and just cover them yourself.
Post #157846774 added 09-28-2022 9:36 AM by partypooper32 in Hot Deals
I wonder how much the profit margin/markup is for these stools. They always seem extremely over priced..
Post #157845427 added 09-28-2022 8:32 AM by spince in Hot Deals
I'm in for 2. Thanks OP. This isn't a smoking deal because they're generally overpriced but I think the features are nice on this one to put in front my ALU. Padded, adjustable, backrest + two sets...
Post #157844146 added 09-28-2022 7:29 AM by emilio1316 in Hot Deals
The non swivel non back are also overpriced at $79 retail. But they also don’t swivel or have a backing. I have a few and with my back it’s just a chore to sit on them. Picked up the Street Fighter...
Post #157843369 added 09-28-2022 6:30 AM by snorri in Hot Deals
It does hurt paying this much for a stool, but they would look awfully nice in my home arcade and are certainly a lot cheaper than MSRP...
Post #157843051 added 09-28-2022 6:00 AM by mason202 in Hot Deals
Part of me wants to say these stools are way overpriced, but the other part of me would buy a Taito Bench for 300$+, so I don't even know anymore.
This is wrong. The hi-back chairs go for $170 each, not for 2. $90 is a deal and probably a mistake.
Post #157842394 added 09-28-2022 4:13 AM by Marvel11 in Hot Deals
I appreciate the arcade post, but not a good deal! These should be $50 max each. $169 is the average retail price for 2 stools. $89.99 seems pretty aggressive IMO.
Post #157840183 added 09-27-2022 10:32 PM by VanHagar in Hot Deals
This is the brand new swivel high back stool version that is $169.99 everywhere else. Think they messed up their pricing on this….they also have Mortal Kombat and Pac-Mania for $99.99. Again, those...

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