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Post #157903195 added 09-30-2022 1:46 PM by Tekkio in Deal Talk
a tactical wife beater?
Post #157902439 added 09-30-2022 1:12 PM by ratbastard in Deal Talk
It's like George Costanza and the Yankees jerseys.
Post #157901860 added 09-30-2022 12:48 PM by Khall187 in Deal Talk
Awesome deal. These will match my tacticle finger nail clippers, my tacticle chalkboard, and my tacticle phone case
Post #157900687 added 09-30-2022 11:55 AM by sillyrabbid in Deal Talk
100% Polyester...
Post #157900444 added 09-30-2022 11:43 AM by konradsa in Deal Talk
Medium shirt out of stock
Post #157900171 added 09-30-2022 11:28 AM by ready2rumble in Deal Talk
That's normally what I do with these types of shirts, too. I am waiting for the excellent Fila ones to come back to Costco. Been waiting years!
Post #157899844 added 09-30-2022 11:13 AM by JasonG1116 in Deal Talk
Looks nice, but I can get a black tshirt for cheaper than $10
Post #157899769 added 09-30-2022 11:09 AM by Janan82 in Deal Talk
Temporarily out of stock- Amazon
Post #157895815 added 09-30-2022 8:12 AM by doclolly in Deal Talk
I wear these as an undershirt at work they pretty comfortable for what they are. I originally got medium but it was a bit snug on the neck so I went up a size to large and the neck feels fine
Post #157895758 added 09-30-2022 8:10 AM by TerpBE in Deal Talk
It's tactical, so you'd think they'd be all in on people's right to bare arms.
Post #157894741 added 09-30-2022 7:17 AM by The-Mentalist in Deal Talk
I believe these are the short sleeve version of full sleeve listed here as deal for $13 also on Amazon, few weeks ago. They are on thinner side, but kinda see thru because the fabric itself is not...
Post #157894078 added 09-30-2022 6:48 AM by rghazzi in Deal Talk
Got one, the material is good and it's not as thin as in the pictures, I thinks it depends on where it was manufactured which is always the case in UA products. The neck is really annoying though,...
Post #157893535 added 09-30-2022 6:06 AM by Saboth in Deal Talk
I've bought quite a few similar shirts from 32 degrees and True Classic, thinking they'd be really cool because they are so thin. It took me a while to figure out these polyester shirts are the...
Post #157893496 added 09-30-2022 6:03 AM by MikeTheApeman in Deal Talk
I think they also call them 'tactical' because the logo is down near the hem where it'd be tucked in, not on the chest where it could show through a thinner uniform. Not a terrible deal if you...
Post #157892857 added 09-30-2022 5:10 AM by waltsnider in Deal Talk
I own two of these and that's accurate. It's a good summer shirt, but I pull at the neck occasionally to not choke myself.
Post #157892746 added 09-30-2022 5:01 AM by JimBanville in Deal Talk
Do they have this in sleeveless? Thx
Post #157892737 added 09-30-2022 5:00 AM by JimBanville in Deal Talk
I do love a thin undershirt in hot humid Georgia summer!
Post #157892458 added 09-30-2022 4:28 AM by Spider210 in Deal Talk
After seeing these in person they are so thin material I will even pass at this price
Post #157892272 added 09-30-2022 4:02 AM by nccfball in Deal Talk
They are thinner, UA calls them tactical as they are meant for cops, military, security workers that want an undershirt under their uniforms and that is why they are a bit thinner as those (i don't...
Post #157892107 added 09-30-2022 3:35 AM by luckyarcher in Deal Talk
Almost like going commando, thus you’re a tactical commando to be specific
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