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Post #160020913 added 12-05-2022 2:33 PM by slickdealuser123 in Deal Talk
Did anyone try buying GCs from the restaurants that participates in the Resy offer?
Post #158630698 added 10-31-2022 12:55 PM by wspfan in Deal Talk
Last day for calm to buy to get calm credit
Post #158527630 added 10-26-2022 10:10 PM by Diamonique in Deal Talk
Thanks! My credit posted yesterday....:woot:
Post #158473687 added 10-24-2022 7:52 PM by dealhunter85 in Deal Talk
Yep. Credit arrived today.
Post #158469364 added 10-24-2022 4:20 PM by rrgg in Deal Talk
Just wait. If the $114 charge date is the 20th, you will get the credit. Amex goes by the transaction date not the post date, unlike Chase. Mine was the 19th and took a few days to get the credit.
Post #158469274 added 10-24-2022 4:16 PM by Diamonique in Deal Talk
I added the HBO Max offer to my Amex card before Oct. 14th. I signed up on Oct. 20th, got my Amex bill today with a charge of $114.00 and no $50 credit. I got the email saying "Great news! You...
Post #158441953 added 10-23-2022 11:41 AM by shamrock in Deal Talk
I waited until today to buy Calm, and it's on sale for 40% off. I can't find a way to make it charge the normal price so it will trigger the Amex $50 off offer. (I downloaded the offer previously.) I...
Post #158433814 added 10-22-2022 10:27 PM by Pctek4456 in Deal Talk
It should be fine. Worst case you can get amex to honor it since it authorized before the 20th and you got the email.
Post #158422228 added 10-22-2022 8:06 AM by dealhunter85 in Deal Talk
My $5 Xbox card didn’t post till 10/21 on Amex….now I am concerned. I did get the initial Amex Great News email.
Post #158368594 added 10-19-2022 7:58 PM by mrbear in Deal Talk
Update/Data Point: Ordered gift cards on Oct 16th (two orders, one for $75 and one for $40) and received the "Great new" email. Today (Oct 19th) the $50 credit showing up on my Amex account.
Post #158361886 added 10-19-2022 2:28 PM by YOU2HOU in Deal Talk
Got great news email, but dell only shipped part of my order. Only shipped items post on Amex. Offer still shows on my account. Does this non-shipped item affect that $50 off?
Post #158360467 added 10-19-2022 1:21 PM by WatsYourDeal in Deal Talk
Thanks for sharing the data point. I attempted the same as yours: - Order 1: XBOX $75 GC @ $67.50 after GAME10, took about 5-10 mins to show up in locker - Order 2: XBOX $40 GC @ $36.00 after...
Post #158350600 added 10-19-2022 6:13 AM by viper3773 in Deal Talk
I’ve used my Amex offers on the last day on things like this before and it’s worked. Your situation of shipping in November though is correct, that won’t work. Need to buy in stock items.
Post #158341906 added 10-18-2022 5:48 PM by someoneslick in Deal Talk
yeah, true. I just figure right after these all expire I will think of something. lol. But I've had the $120 off $599 MANY times and I never do think of anything. I am building a pc and need a new...
Post #158333482 added 10-18-2022 11:43 AM by Krazen1211 in Deal Talk
They come thru eventually.
Post #158332003 added 10-18-2022 10:45 AM by ieee488 in Deal Talk
Any update on this? Weird you get the $100 but not the two $5.
Post #158329261 added 10-18-2022 8:51 AM by miajonda in Deal Talk
Mine disappeared from my primary card as well after I used it. (It's not in the "saved" tab either) My AU card still shows the offer fine.
Post #158329051 added 10-18-2022 8:43 AM by miajonda in Deal Talk
I had the Dell offer on both my primary and AU cards. I used them on the same day and got the "great success" emails from Amex for both cards. Then today I checked my primary card, and the Dell...
Post #158326486 added 10-18-2022 6:15 AM by JollySwing8705 in Deal Talk
I’m in the same boat. But don’t let an offer fool you into spending $50+ that you don’t need to spend. Slickest deal sometimes is spending $0 and saving your money
Post #158315674 added 10-17-2022 4:00 PM by someoneslick in Deal Talk
yeah that's what I meant though is I assumed that means egift card, which it says won't trigger the offer.
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