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Post #158235178 added 10-13-2022 5:58 PM by JasonB7619 in Deal Talk
I was refunded and told they were OOS and unavailable to order. Was able to keep the 1 filter that was delivered. Very quick and easy call to get it settled, maybe 3 minutes total.
Post #158234854 added 10-13-2022 5:41 PM by jachenry in Deal Talk
Same. Came in huge box with a bunch of packing paper. Filter itself was all bent. Customer support refunded and placed new order to ship to store.
Post #158147176 added 10-11-2022 9:07 AM by JasonB7619 in Deal Talk
Received 1 filter today......
Post #158017399 added 10-06-2022 5:09 AM by Phaelo in Deal Talk
Deal is dead
Post #158017390 added 10-06-2022 5:09 AM by MultiMatrix in Deal Talk
Same for me. 😭
Post #158017354 added 10-06-2022 5:04 AM by Ch1m3r4 in Deal Talk
Dead ☠ All Sizes; The product you are trying to view is not currently available. If you have any questions, you can reach our web support team by email at [email protected] or by phone...
Post #158017324 added 10-06-2022 5:03 AM by SeriousHorn337 in Deal Talk
Out of stocj
Post #158014381 added 10-05-2022 10:36 PM by zmax78011 in Deal Talk
dead for 20x25x1..
Post #158014042 added 10-05-2022 10:08 PM by NCSU2008 in Deal Talk
14x24 showing up reg price
Post #158013169 added 10-05-2022 9:04 PM by fleschdnb in Deal Talk
Merv rating does NOT equal restricted air flow. Air flow has to do more with the amount of filter material and how many pleets. Check Project Farms on YT did a recent video comparing filters, and if...
Post #158013016 added 10-05-2022 8:54 PM by timp in Deal Talk
For those interested, Costco also has filters of various sizes on sale, four-packs for $24. They are MPR 2200 which I believe is about the equivalent of MERV 13. They are cheaper than anything I...
Post #158012242 added 10-05-2022 8:02 PM by LivelyWallaby9695 in Deal Talk
This or Honeywell? They are all on sale at Home-depot.
Post #158012209 added 10-05-2022 8:00 PM by Kaijura in Deal Talk
No 16X25! This is outrageous!
Post #158012065 added 10-05-2022 7:49 PM by bobbyS33 in Deal Talk
12*12 just OOS.. my luck lol.
Post #158010910 added 10-05-2022 6:45 PM by sarpertas in Deal Talk
If you dont want to stress the unit then go to 4 inch ones. These 1 inches doesn’t have enough surface like the ticker ones im using 4 inch ones and air flows much easier then any 1 inch ones and...
Post #158010688 added 10-05-2022 6:31 PM by crazeedave in Deal Talk
No 20x30x1
Post #158010496 added 10-05-2022 6:20 PM by timmyh01 in Deal Talk
Extremely flimsy structure confirmed. Nordic on amazon are better than this
Post #158010421 added 10-05-2022 6:16 PM by mikeg8 in Deal Talk
Both sizes I need, not included , 14 x 20 & 16 x 25 , oh well !
Post #158009863 added 10-05-2022 5:47 PM by C7Vette in Deal Talk
Agreed it's the size I use also
Post #158009794 added 10-05-2022 5:43 PM by wizzardeel in Deal Talk
They stopped carrying the 16"x25"X1" :( been using them for years and they've been super solid in my home with a kitty and doggy.
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