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Post #158154475 added 10-11-2022 11:31 AM by jmm1122 in Deal Talk
I have a similar model, the SPX2598. It's total $** and I wouldn't touch this brand with a 10 foot pole.
Post #158154241 added 10-11-2022 11:25 AM by JollyReward108 in Deal Talk
I have used this unit about 3 yrs. and it still works fine. Got it from Lowes for about the same price. Wasted money on the extended warranty. As a side note I have their 50 ft. fabric garden hose...
Post #158153674 added 10-11-2022 11:13 AM by link64dx in Deal Talk
How cool are we talking? 50-60?
Post #158151907 added 10-11-2022 10:37 AM by jerobahn in Deal Talk
you can do it, but it's not close to the best or most efficient way to do it. you'll spend all weekend on your driveway and it'll turn out way worse than spending 2 hours with a surface clenaer...
Post #158151274 added 10-11-2022 10:25 AM by jerobahn in Deal Talk
wait for cloudy cool day soak all surfaces around your railing take spray bottle, add water and bleach, spray your railing let is soak but not dry for really bad spots scrub with a...
Post #158150200 added 10-11-2022 10:06 AM by HunterGatherer in Deal Talk
Decent for the money. Got one at $80 a few months ago. Works okay for light duty cleaning. Not close to a $300 gas powered. Why make that comparison on a SD starter power washer?
Post #158149948 added 10-11-2022 10:00 AM by StuBeck32 in Deal Talk
I have one. It’s not great. It works ok for washing my car but I tried to do my driveway and it took forever. Someone with a gas powered one was able to do the entire driveway in 3 hours while I did...
Post #158149879 added 10-11-2022 9:58 AM by insightcdc in Deal Talk
I think they are great for the price. We are on well water here so our pressure out of the hose can use a boost for cleaning most things like carmats, etc. I bought one for washing my small decks at...
Post #158149471 added 10-11-2022 9:50 AM by purduepurdy in Deal Talk
Power washed my house 2 weeks ago with an old version. It’ll struggle a little to reach, powerfully to a 2nd story but worked fine on ours. I use 1 cup of bleach in a one gallon sprayer (hdx...
Post #158149279 added 10-11-2022 9:46 AM by Bangback in Deal Talk
I bought a snow blower from them when it was last on here FP. It literally lasted about 1 minute before the top chute broke off from the snow blower. I called them up and they said the replacement...
Post #158149090 added 10-11-2022 9:42 AM by juanc655 in Deal Talk
I have one. After about a year the mechanism that stops the pump while you’re not discharging water stopped working. I took the pump apart and put it back together and now it works, but sometimes it...
Post #158149021 added 10-11-2022 9:41 AM by link64dx in Deal Talk
Good enough for my deck railing?My railing is moldy terribly
Post #158148847 added 10-11-2022 9:38 AM by Bill McNeal in Deal Talk
I have a similar one that I got as a BF deal at Walmart in 2020. Sun Joe SPX2598P-MAX Electric Pressure Washer , Foam Cannon , Patio Cleaning Attachment , 2000 PSI Max* , 1.6 GPM Max*...
Post #158148718 added 10-11-2022 9:35 AM by Goolbox in Deal Talk
I have one. It's OK. Definitely made for light duty, but great for rinsing cars and windows. At $60, it's a must have. However, I don't see this cleaning houses.
Post #158148358 added 10-11-2022 9:28 AM by aamyat in Deal Talk
Have you tried and what kinds of issues did you have? I'm planning to get it to wash car, driveway, etc. Thanks.
Post #158147920 added 10-11-2022 9:20 AM by DelightfulRoom8668 in Deal Talk
Not sure paying $20 for even the best protection plan on a $60 item would be worth it.
Post #158147767 added 10-11-2022 9:17 AM by hc1 in Deal Talk
I bought the SPX2598P-MAX about a month ago when it was on sale at $80. As far as I can tell this model is slightly higher PSI and GPM, and even $20 cheaper. looks like a good deal.
Post #158147503 added 10-11-2022 9:12 AM by Steamrolled in Deal Talk
If it's through All-State or square trade I'm not sure. But with Asurion they have sent me a giftcard without a return once but lately they have been sending a prepaid label for the item before...
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