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Post #158560771 added 10-28-2022 8:32 AM by bestin003 in Deal Talk
Is the 3 yr warranty worth it, at $9.99 seems reasonable for something that might break in a year
Post #158559412 added 10-28-2022 7:40 AM by kiltedtech in Deal Talk
Right out of the box, the O-ring on the pressure hose broke. I reached out to Sun Joe and they said "we'll have to replace the hose, but they are out of stock. You can return the entire item, if it's...
Post #158559310 added 10-28-2022 7:36 AM by HolaNan in Deal Talk
Get a new tangle-free hose, get a new gun, get quick connects. Use it only for the machine and it's actually decent. Once you upgrade those items, even when it dies, those items are transferrable to...
Post #158558395 added 10-28-2022 7:03 AM by unnes in Deal Talk
I got one of these from the Walmart sale a few months back. On the first use the hose sprung a leak. If you insist on buying one of these, splurge for the extended warranty.
Post #158558299 added 10-28-2022 6:59 AM by uberschnappen in Deal Talk
I’ve been looking for an electric PW since my gas one has a pump failure and I’m tired of the maintenance and hassle of gas. Between the reliability issues that I keep reading about and the extra...
Post #158555839 added 10-28-2022 4:29 AM by jmm1122 in Deal Talk
I had an almost identical experience with an SPX2598. It basically broke right out of the box, which to SunJoe's credit they replaced. The replacement more or less failed right away too. I can limp...
Post #158554150 added 10-28-2022 12:02 AM by laveeyang in Deal Talk
Honest answer after one year of using it to wash my car. Get a brush, add soap to bucket, and use your hose to water down the car, dip brush in soap bucket, and brush. Setting up the pressure...
Post #158553736 added 10-27-2022 11:28 PM by RestlessOne in Deal Talk
Damn I just payed $75 for a pressure washer.... grr
Post #158552395 added 10-27-2022 9:34 PM by SeriousPencil376 in Deal Talk
You're realisticly only going to get 1.1 gpm with this pressure washer
Post #158550817 added 10-27-2022 8:01 PM by panne84 in Deal Talk
Sooo not the pressure washer but the steamer, I bought a steamer and then tried to use it for the first time today, and it did not work, my boyfriend called customer service and they sent out a...
Post #158550796 added 10-27-2022 7:59 PM by FastFood in Deal Talk
Yes this will work. The M22-15mm Female end goes into the Sun Joe washer's outlet. The M22-14mm Male end connects to after market pressure hose such as the UBERFLEX or the budget friendly YAMATIC. ...
Post #158550622 added 10-27-2022 7:50 PM by NikkoSuav3 in Deal Talk
That’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m just going to use permanent marker to scratch out the shipping label or just try to remove it completely if possible. Then bring it right to the UPS store for a...
Post #158550592 added 10-27-2022 7:49 PM by shoots87scores in Deal Talk
This is price is decent but not slick. I paid about half this at Walmart in store earlier this year. Thanks Slickdeals and Brickseek! Product is okay and has quirks but for $30 can’t beat it.
Post #158550523 added 10-27-2022 7:46 PM by _deal_hunter_ in Deal Talk
Can I keep my old one and return the new boxed one to save the hassle?
Post #158550364 added 10-27-2022 7:36 PM by NikkoSuav3 in Deal Talk
I am. So ridiculous Amazon won’t allow price adjustments. They’d rather pay for shipping and return labels than just refund me the $23
Post #158550319 added 10-27-2022 7:34 PM by NikkoSuav3 in Deal Talk
Just paid $86 after tax for this on 10/3. OP saving me $23. Not bad! Crazy how Amazon can’t just do a price adjustment and force you to buy and return things. Just going to return the new one as soon...
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