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Post #160846129 added 01-06-2023 6:13 AM by MagentaAction2146 in Deal Talk
Deal is dead 😞
Post #160417219 added 12-18-2022 1:13 PM by tmpqweasd in Deal Talk
The Tele's are $649 now, is that correct or is there something I need to do to see the $549 price? Thanks!
Post #160248622 added 12-12-2022 8:20 PM by Glenz in Deal Talk
The Adorama Tele should only differ in color to other Player Teles. According Fender's descriptions, the Player Strat and Tele have very similar, if not identical, neck profiles.
Post #160193959 added 12-11-2022 5:23 AM by Lord-MrFord in Deal Talk
Does anyone know if the neck on this is similar in profile and finish to the adorama Tele? I love the neck on the adorama Tele, but the ones they sell in stores are very different. The Tele I ordered...
Post #159820633 added 11-29-2022 10:21 AM by Glenz in Deal Talk
Unfortunately, I don't have the tools to perform a proper setup. I didn't notice however, that the pickups weren't set up at all out of the factory! They were all at random heights, the bass side...
Post #159779842 added 11-28-2022 2:32 PM by Mike C in Deal Talk
Adjust the action, that will probably help you with the decision. My player arrived the same way, not double boxed and was beat up with a couple of holes, but the guitar was fine, nothing bent on...
Post #159777997 added 11-28-2022 2:02 PM by Glenz in Deal Talk
I received my guitar. It arrived in the Fender box (not double boxed by the factory, which is common from Sweetwater and Guitar Center) and had a huge hole in it. The guitar appeared fine, no chips...
Post #159597664 added 11-25-2022 10:32 PM by Glenz in Deal Talk
Does anyone know what year these are?
Post #159384964 added 11-23-2022 7:26 AM by KNOW_IT_AWL in Deal Talk
WOW...that's hard to watch,that should keep prices up for a time,thanks for sharing!
Post #159367795 added 11-22-2022 9:12 PM by Mike C in Deal Talk
If you are talking about those Firebird Xs that Gibson smashed... that is the first time I have ever heard someone call the Firebird X "perfectly good" :lmao: ...
Post #159363895 added 11-22-2022 7:48 PM by KNOW_IT_AWL in Deal Talk
IKR...maybe get a Squier now for 4 bills...if they would only quit smashing them perfectly good guitars! :)
Post #159327928 added 11-22-2022 11:32 AM by Glenz in Deal Talk
More often then not, prices tend to stay high. I haven't seen a used MIM on the market for under $450 in years.
Post #159271504 added 11-21-2022 11:12 AM by Glenz in Deal Talk
Interesting. Didn't know that. I've always seen codes posted in links and occasional Slickdeals cashback offers, but never something like this. Cool, though!
Post #159269860 added 11-21-2022 10:40 AM by gjsneptune in Deal Talk
Not strange at all. SD works out discount codes with merchants. A lot of these Adorama deals have a discount code in the URL.
Post #159265204 added 11-21-2022 9:14 AM by Glenz in Deal Talk
So strange! If you search for this guitar without going through OP's link, the guitar is $100 more expensive.
Post #158942938 added 11-12-2022 7:09 AM by OliveCheetah8891 in Deal Talk
Yeah, I kinda figured. $500 for a USA made geetar would be a no-brainer.
Post #158933926 added 11-11-2022 6:39 PM by Mike C in Deal Talk
I received the Strat today, and even though it doesn't come with a case or gig bag of any kind, and after watching the UPS guy stand it on end, and then seeing it fall flat (hard) on my concrete...
Post #158933494 added 11-11-2022 6:20 PM by socal1 in Deal Talk
For anyone not in a hurry (or willing to miss this at $675), you may want to wait and see if it drops to $610 again
Post #158933257 added 11-11-2022 6:12 PM by guitarzan1958 in Deal Talk
At t hi is price Mexico, which is not a bad thing.
Post #158932666 added 11-11-2022 5:49 PM by OliveCheetah8891 in Deal Talk
Are these made in the USA?
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