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Post #159870703 added 11-30-2022 4:40 PM by Vaccinated in Deal Talk
I have been using mines. Seems pretty good for the price. PC gaming looks pretty good. You can enable HDR. I connected a PS5 to it with the HDMI cable. I couldn't enable variable refresh rate....
Post #159867928 added 11-30-2022 3:15 PM by OldYella in Deal Talk
Looks like I got lucky, snagging one of the last ones
Post #159845758 added 11-30-2022 1:54 AM by Paradisesales in Deal Talk
PRICE DROP TO $169 but…….Out of stock Currently waiting on refund or replacement since FEDEX donated my monitor to someone else
Post #159840898 added 11-29-2022 8:15 PM by thaiteae in Deal Talk
Good deal, Pulled the trigger, but got cancelled :(
Post #159839026 added 11-29-2022 7:10 PM by XPL051v3 in Deal Talk
OOS with an estimated ETA of 3/3/2023
Post #159837532 added 11-29-2022 6:21 PM by dru500a in Deal Talk
So now I have to buy one is what you're saying?
Post #159834988 added 11-29-2022 5:01 PM by OldYella in Deal Talk
This monitor just dropped to $169.99 on the Monoprice site.
Post #159773362 added 11-28-2022 12:50 PM by asianxmaster in Deal Talk
Got this monitor since it was such a good deal. Came in yesterday and no dead pixels, looks good imo but it is bigger than what I usually use (24" monitor).
Post #159700318 added 11-27-2022 11:32 AM by WiseLeopard609 in Deal Talk
The 27" open box is a better deal. Coupon code bf15 takes it down to $170. Has Display port 1.4, usb-c, higher refresh rate and brightness. Also IGZO, a version of IPS which never quite went...
Post #159574696 added 11-25-2022 2:47 PM by Hambone191817151 in Deal Talk
Bought it. Brightness is so so. Colors seem very nice. Pixel density is borderline. 144hz qhd freesync is fenomenol. Price is sizzlin. Still would have preferred a uhd at 300. At 450, this is way...
Post #159551821 added 11-25-2022 9:40 AM by nwdave in Deal Talk
The LG 32GN600-B? Should be very similar, that's a VA panel vs this IPS. Some people prefer IPS.
Post #159523039 added 11-24-2022 11:30 PM by XPL051v3 in Deal Talk
How does this compare to the LG 32” at Walmart for $200? Looking to get a monitor for a Christmas present so have some time, but I’m liking the Walmart $200 deal best. Easy return policy is big.
Post #159519712 added 11-24-2022 10:21 PM by nwdave in Deal Talk
So far the best 32" 1440p price this week. Bought but watching for anything better the next few days.
Post #159499066 added 11-24-2022 4:55 PM by realruggeddiy in Deal Talk
This is me Bigfoot, it is.
Post #159447721 added 11-24-2022 4:43 AM by XPL051v3 in Deal Talk
Looking for a 32” for my Series X. Has anyone used this specific monitor for it? Looking to get for a Christmas present so still have some time for a deal to come up!
Post #159313387 added 11-22-2022 7:18 AM by longasaurus in Deal Talk
Amazon has the same sale: https://www.amazon.com/Monoprice-QHD-IPS-Gaming-Display/dp/B09KMDPXF9 faster shipping if you are a Prime member and possibly easier return.
Post #159287446 added 11-21-2022 5:06 PM by Paradisesales in Deal Talk
FedEx says monitor delivered to customer, but nowhere to be found 😣
Post #159257230 added 11-21-2022 5:58 AM by Iilac in Deal Talk
This or the HP x32?
Post #159247492 added 11-20-2022 8:35 PM by bonapartist in Deal Talk
Thanks for that pal. It seems like this is the smarter choice given it's ips vs va (I know that isn't black and white and more nuanced), and the ability for the monitor to swivel if you give the...
Post #159214795 added 11-20-2022 5:57 AM by irollsolo in Deal Talk
I have owned the 35 zero-g 100hz v1 which is now discontinued for years now. Still going strong and has excellent color reproduction. It has served me well so I refuse to replace it or upgrade.
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