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Post #160447204 added 12-19-2022 4:41 PM by tooeasyforkevin in Deal Talk
Yes, that appears to be what happened. Not sure why, I'm trying to figure it out right now. Only thing I can think of is that I ordered online before the promotion ended and picked it up after the...
Post #160447177 added 12-19-2022 4:40 PM by tooeasyforkevin in Deal Talk
I'm trying to get this sorted out, but apparently my promotional value was reversed? However, my transaction page shows the correct amount of $42~ so ive been on the phone with best buy all day...
Post #160430872 added 12-19-2022 6:07 AM by merlinx in Deal Talk
yeah I keep getting lowball $300 offers. Gone one more so not too worried about it. Could always keep it for a backup or future trade Update: Just keep at it at firm I just sold my last one this...
Post #160430836 added 12-19-2022 6:06 AM by merlinx in Deal Talk
Just on FB marketplace. I sold 2 gave one to my daughter for xmas and have one more to sell on FB. Dont wantto deal with ebay fees so selling locally.
Post #160429564 added 12-19-2022 4:04 AM by vsauce in Deal Talk
Haha me too, 400$ no takers, I don't think anybody wants these. Better of just saving for next years Pixel 8 trade
Post #160429111 added 12-19-2022 2:53 AM by vinay.uchil21 in Deal Talk
Are you selling it out somewhere like ebay? Or using all 4? Need some help in selling mine 😄
Post #160395157 added 12-17-2022 2:08 PM by ziddey in Deal Talk
Hmm, is your sales tax about 8%? Maybe they reversed the $350 google trade-in promotion?
Post #160365955 added 12-16-2022 11:35 AM by SlySol in Deal Talk
I haven’t seen that, but you may want to log on to their website and take a look … there should be a list of all your transactions there if you set up a login.
Post #160361668 added 12-16-2022 9:33 AM by tooeasyforkevin in Deal Talk
So I originally ordered online and picked up in store. I received a refund for the trade in value of an iphone xr, but also another charge for 378 something. Anyone have this happen to them?
Post #160290655 added 12-14-2022 7:57 AM by SlySol in Deal Talk
Ah, gotcha.
Post #160289068 added 12-14-2022 7:08 AM by edwardxxxxx in Deal Talk
I was saying its trade in value
Post #160270696 added 12-13-2022 2:29 PM by SlySol in Deal Talk
Where? The cheapest I see at Best Buy is $359 for a pre-owned one.
Post #160270135 added 12-13-2022 2:09 PM by edwardxxxxx in Deal Talk
iphone xs max is now only $140... down from $515
Post #160268785 added 12-13-2022 1:21 PM by benbaobao in Deal Talk
I have no idea...thank you man, I will try if this works
Post #160268371 added 12-13-2022 1:06 PM by ziddey in Deal Talk
I'm not sure they have the option? It might be automatic and depend on your state laws?
Post #160268236 added 12-13-2022 1:01 PM by theguyhasnoname in Deal Talk
Picked up the device today after 18 days of placing the order. No issues. Got the refund on PayPal almost instantly! As long as we are picking up the phone before the pick up date(extended or...
Post #160267846 added 12-13-2022 12:48 PM by benbaobao in Deal Talk
Could anyone post a receipt for picking up at store? Our store manager insisted on charging the tax on full price before trade in. thanks in advance!
Post #160264393 added 12-13-2022 10:55 AM by rvdnsx in Deal Talk
The Pixel is on sale for the $499 price again but the trade in offer is nowhere as good right now. The only way to get this deal right now is if you placed the order for in Store pickup during the...
Post #160258174 added 12-13-2022 7:44 AM by illtww in Deal Talk
So there is no way to walk into BB an replicate this deal as of today 12/13/2022 correct? I have a iphone 11 sitting here waiting to be traded. (either this trade or a future one for a more flagship...
Post #160256200 added 12-13-2022 6:32 AM by mill1321 in Deal Talk
Nice. I'll wait patiently for CC refund. Thanks for the reply.
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