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Post #159383887 added 11-23-2022 7:07 AM by KnightmareRN in Deal Talk
Walmart.com for series x. Not available for PS5 though
Post #159383740 added 11-23-2022 7:05 AM by KnightmareRN in Deal Talk
I bought this game yesterday on Walmart.com for Series X. $20 digital version. I have not seen it posted yet.
Post #159225877 added 11-20-2022 10:39 AM by Tax in Deal Talk
I do as well, they added a 3rd person mode with the new DLC. There is a free demo. I didn't get sick, give it a try.
Post #159197623 added 11-19-2022 4:16 PM by DonkeyFinest in Deal Talk
It's almost impossible to aim for headshots in higher difficulties. KB+M its doable but with controller it's just too difficult and got me stuck at the beginning.
Post #159181063 added 11-19-2022 7:23 AM by djkyzer in Deal Talk
Missed the steel book but I got to use my $5 reward. Thanks for the heads up!
Post #159170917 added 11-18-2022 8:44 PM by ZeeOhhSix in Deal Talk
Anywhere I can pick up the digital version for $20 ?
Post #159158014 added 11-18-2022 2:05 PM by crazydave11 in Deal Talk
Yep, ordered it without and threw in the media remote to get free shipping. Thanks!
Post #159157693 added 11-18-2022 1:57 PM by Civan8858 in Deal Talk
I don't think that's going to happen in the short term now that they just released a gold edition
Post #159157429 added 11-18-2022 1:51 PM by dn3g3l in Deal Talk
thought that was just me
Post #159157240 added 11-18-2022 1:48 PM by tauw in Deal Talk
If you remove the steel case, should become available for ship to home.
Post #159156409 added 11-18-2022 1:27 PM by zdiddy987 in Deal Talk
I feel like I'll buy this and then it'll be on Game Pass next week
Post #159154438 added 11-18-2022 12:43 PM by crazydave11 in Deal Talk
Same here, said it was unavailable to ship
Post #159153703 added 11-18-2022 12:26 PM by jerry10 in Deal Talk
You can remove the steel case and get it for this price if you wish.
Post #159153385 added 11-18-2022 12:19 PM by Jawton in Deal Talk
I always like to leave comments on games I have tried like this one. I have a mild sensitivity to nausea during gameplay, and unfortunately this game was unplayable for me. I became very sick. If you...
Post #159153367 added 11-18-2022 12:18 PM by ebolaboi in Deal Talk
Got RE for the same price last year for PS5 at BB with the steelbook that is just taking up space. LOL. I gotta try to sell it.
Post #159153226 added 11-18-2022 12:14 PM by maxim730 in Deal Talk
umm what?! great reviews
Post #159151735 added 11-18-2022 11:41 AM by NotBuscemi in Deal Talk
Doom Eternal is also $9.99 on the PlayStation & Xbox stores. (Usually I would go with the disc version, but since all 3 of the Best Buys near me have closed in the last few years, looks like I'll...
Post #159148174 added 11-18-2022 10:26 AM by vaxick in Deal Talk
Just a heads up, if you're buying this to have the game on disc, Capcom just released a gold edition which has a more complete build of the game on disc.
Post #159147664 added 11-18-2022 10:16 AM by VuV9289 in Deal Talk
Post #159147220 added 11-18-2022 10:07 AM by itaintrite in Deal Talk
Thanks for the heads up. Snagged Tsushima and this.
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