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Post #160059982 added 12-06-2022 5:19 PM by maverick712 in Deal Talk
I know this is an old post but these are still relatively cheap at $800 on Amazon. I am currently remodeling my home and had plans for a 24kv Generac whole home. After going through the city...
Post #159591799 added 11-25-2022 8:07 PM by Radioactive_muffin in Deal Talk
This is really like the awkward middle spot for generators anyway. It's just big enough to run a 4-5 ton A/C unit for the whole house. But running much else is going to run it pretty close to the...
Post #159572410 added 11-25-2022 2:11 PM by beakerguy6 in Deal Talk
A well pump should be able to be run off of pretty much any generator that is sized to do 240v, generally starting around 6kw. Well pumps don't typically run over 2.5kw of load, often less, and with...
Post #159560134 added 11-25-2022 11:18 AM by Radioactive_muffin in Deal Talk
A well pump should be able to be run off of pretty much any generator that is sized to do 240v, generally starting around 6kw. Well pumps don't typically run over 2.5kw of load, often less, and with...
Post #159506449 added 11-24-2022 6:59 PM by redly1 in Deal Talk
I always see a comment like this, but no one ever chimes in with any examples of having electronics fried by a generator
Post #159337672 added 11-22-2022 12:58 PM by beakerguy6 in Deal Talk
Just my two cents, but my big win for this model on sale is the 220/240V capability. I can do without most 220/240 appliances in my home, except for my well pump. This might be overkill for an...
You did a great job with your "oversimplification". It's pretty well written for the average person to understand. I'd like to suggest a slight modification to the verbiage. You won't power...
Post #159308047 added 11-22-2022 5:00 AM by NewCents in Deal Talk
Your use case is great for this generator. We are making similar points, not so much point, counter point. Short term runs of say 36 hours are handled with three 5 gallon jugs of gasoline, but more...
Post #159300391 added 11-21-2022 10:13 PM by David7296 in Deal Talk
I've had the 12500W Dual Fuel version of this for 2.5 years. Use it with only propane. It has been fantastic for the 43 hours of use over 6 power outages so far. It's solid for start and running...
Post #159283057 added 11-21-2022 3:24 PM by bobdob in Deal Talk
Just a counter point. If I am without power long enough to pull out a generator, I'm using it for more than a couple thousand watts. Around here, we use gas for things like the lawn mower, so it...
Post #159276517 added 11-21-2022 12:57 PM by BrianR5458 in Deal Talk
You're propane generator would not last 24 hr's
Post #159266401 added 11-21-2022 9:34 AM by AnynameIwant in Deal Talk
I have the dual fuel version of this model (12.5k max)and it has been great running on propane. Gas really isn't great for a standby generator as it has been mentioned before. With the dual fuel...
Post #159258907 added 11-21-2022 6:50 AM by yakky in Deal Talk
Agree, I had a big thirsty generator, and when running with cords everywhere, you realize how little energy you actually use vs gas the thing drinks. Something like a Honda Eu2000i is a sweet setup,...
Post #159258634 added 11-21-2022 6:43 AM by artifactowl in Deal Talk
This is a good deal, but having a gen that does propane and gas I don't think I'd ever get one that can't run off propane. Not having to worry about stale gas is just so much less maintenance. Just...
Post #159257488 added 11-21-2022 6:06 AM by NewCents in Deal Talk
Just a thought for the gallery.....up to 13 hours on 6.gallons. Let's call it 12 gallons per day. If you feel like you are covered for the event of say a 3 day outage, you're going to need to buy...
Post #159256210 added 11-21-2022 5:21 AM by mikesthree16 in Deal Talk
This is an amazing deal. I bought it on sale for 911 2 years ago. At 711 it is a no brainer if you're looking for a generator
Post #159254929 added 11-21-2022 4:26 AM by dealingstealing in Deal Talk
If the THD is high many consumer UPS devices will go to battery only and not charge. You would need a more expensive online dual conversion UPS.
Post #159254821 added 11-21-2022 4:18 AM by dmasjz45 in Deal Talk
Using the 50A plug is the ideal setup, that is all you need. Get the proper cord and plug it into your emergency panel, which is what it sounds like you have. No need to do anything else
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