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Post #160758424 added 01-01-2023 9:44 PM by jake0406 in Hot Deals
I have ps plus and it is charging me $20 for Miles Morales now is the deal expired?
Post #159874477 added 11-30-2022 6:39 PM by NSN07 in Hot Deals
If I buy this version, is free upgrade to remastered available for ps5 ? Edit: after some digging I found out sony has no plans to push any upgrades to PS4 version. Purchased upgrade for my...
Post #159440842 added 11-24-2022 12:00 AM by DragonflyPunch in Hot Deals
I agree with the comments about this being a good game story wise, and having really enjoyable gameplay. The one criticism I have of the game is that the developers stuffed it with useless filler...
Post #159382876 added 11-23-2022 6:48 AM by Crypt1cMayh3m in Hot Deals
My copy just arrived from Walmart this morning and the expiration date on the cover now shows 3/31/2026. https://imgur.com/a/YLiEaIn
Post #159380488 added 11-23-2022 6:06 AM by atomicdust in Hot Deals
It did, and Sony will not do a damn thing about it. I had my code expire, and they pretty much said I'm shit out of luck.
Post #159379429 added 11-23-2022 5:40 AM by immanewb in Hot Deals
You're not wrong. Seems like the "Launch Edition" is basically the standard edition but with a code for some in-game goodies (suit, gadget, and extra still point).
Post #159379231 added 11-23-2022 5:36 AM by NSN07 in Hot Deals
Not two.. there’s another version Miles Morales “launch edition” as well.. No idea what the difference is
Post #159378718 added 11-23-2022 5:25 AM by a2bondfn in Hot Deals
I often buy games used, but a trend is to have these games rely on downloadable codes to run and the disc itself doesn't do much...does anyone know if that's the situation with this game or the DLC?
Post #159378451 added 11-23-2022 5:18 AM by berrydingle in Hot Deals
Just buy the ps4 version to play on ps5, u won’t get the full 4k graphics but still be able to play
Post #159375499 added 11-23-2022 3:12 AM by ThriftyPickle2639 in Hot Deals
Per in depth Reddit searching, if you have ps plus, you can download Miles Morales for free then open the game and an option to upgrade to ultimate edition will appear for 20 dollars thus giving you...
Post #159369286 added 11-22-2022 9:53 PM by immanewb in Hot Deals
It was confusing for me the first time I tried to make sense of all the Spider-Man games between the PS4 and PS5 versions as well. So here's what I came to understand: PS4: Spider-Man GOTY (this...
Post #159366382 added 11-22-2022 8:38 PM by NervousWallaby2025 in Hot Deals
Looks like regular ps4 version, which I have, and it will forever be capped at 30fps on ps5 and without any remaster. Best Buy is having Miles Morales game for $20. You could buy that, then once...
Post #159366034 added 11-22-2022 8:31 PM by operative42 in Hot Deals
The ps5 remastered and ps4 GOTY are cosmetically different, with the remaster taking advantage of the PS5 capabilities. A ps5 will indeed play the PS4 version, but the ps5 remaster is a different...
Post #159363265 added 11-22-2022 7:36 PM by NSN07 in Hot Deals
I’m not sure why anyone would do that unless I’m missing something here.. I can pickup Miles morals for $20 and remastered for $15, instead of paying $40 for 2 games. I thought Ps5 is backwards...
Post #159362425 added 11-22-2022 7:20 PM by icecap75 in Hot Deals
Does appear that way. Looking at other posts on reddit, it wont work. So deal doesnt look to include dlc.
Post #159362242 added 11-22-2022 7:16 PM by 21DrunKenMonKeY in Hot Deals
Haha... i rather pay $3 more for new
Post #159362011 added 11-22-2022 7:12 PM by ob1pad01 in Hot Deals
Picked this up last year Black Friday sales for $10 at Walmart. It was worth it and definitely a front page. Now this year it's $5 more and front page. Slickdeals are getting paid well this...
Post #159360934 added 11-22-2022 6:52 PM by Deagle760 in Hot Deals
miles morales Ultimate edition comes with a spider man remastered (ps5) voucher code to redeem on the PS store. I think that's the only way to get the remastered ps5 version
Post #159360721 added 11-22-2022 6:47 PM by NSN07 in Hot Deals
What is the difference between unlimited and regular Miles Morales ? Regular price is $20 for each and this combo is $40 so I’m trying to make sense of this deal....
Post #159360580 added 11-22-2022 6:45 PM by dogsoap in Hot Deals
Am I crazy, or does the little DLC sticker on the front say that the DLC code expired on 8/28/2022? It's already expired?
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