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Post #160223290 added 12-12-2022 6:09 AM by cnmc in Deal Talk
Anyone tried installing ChromeOS on this one?
Post #160207531 added 12-11-2022 2:56 PM by Gregg1 in Deal Talk
I was about to bite on this deal, until I read the reviews on Costco's website. There are several build quality issues (sticking keyboard keys, screen failures, etc) after just a few weeks or months....
Post #160151863 added 12-09-2022 1:21 PM by RA292 in Deal Talk
Just to confirm, the keyboard isn't backlit is it? That's the only thing holding me back - really need a backlit keyboard since I do a lot of stuff while the kids are sleeping :)
Post #160053160 added 12-06-2022 1:11 PM by happygooddeal in Deal Talk
Just go to Windows Update and click on "Upgrade to Wins 11". Its very easy.
Post #160047358 added 12-06-2022 9:59 AM by Zerv in Deal Talk
Thanks so much. Didn’t know if I was gonna keep it so a bit scared to do this downgrade and then have to put it back to W11 if I decide to return. Not even sure how I would put it back to W11 and...
Post #160037332 added 12-06-2022 1:44 AM by happygooddeal in Deal Talk
Yes clean install. No issue at all. It run much better than Win 11 IMO. Once you installed Win10 and connected to internet, all drivers automatic installed. Note, you might need a mouse to Install...
Post #160036804 added 12-06-2022 12:32 AM by Zerv in Deal Talk
I want to do the downgrade to W10 also. Did you do it as a clean install from W11 after getting out of S mode? And do you have any issues with drivers? Any tips? Thanks!
Post #160026790 added 12-05-2022 4:46 PM by Jbassman in Deal Talk
Got a 2 pack of pens for $26 via best offer on eBay (got 2 laptops). Thanks!
Post #160025755 added 12-05-2022 4:13 PM by Mr.V in Deal Talk
Does the 2 year square trade warranty on ebay cover accidental?
Post #160021846 added 12-05-2022 2:02 PM by happygooddeal in Deal Talk
Search "Lenovo GX80K32882 Active Pen" on ebay. It takes AAAA battery though
Post #160021507 added 12-05-2022 1:52 PM by nagsen in Deal Talk
the ebay refurbished laptops comes with two years of warranty from Allstate.
Post #160021357 added 12-05-2022 1:47 PM by Jbassman in Deal Talk
That was my next questions. Any suggestions / links?
Post #160021240 added 12-05-2022 1:44 PM by happygooddeal in Deal Talk
You might want to get Lenovo Active Pen for around $15-$20 as well :applause:
Post #160019860 added 12-05-2022 12:57 PM by Jbassman in Deal Talk
Got the eBay one for the same reason as you. Just arrived and have to say I am impressed with the build, the fact it can fold all the way to become a tablet is great. And I did not know tthat eBay...
Post #159988048 added 12-04-2022 11:28 AM by GtbannaNY in Deal Talk
Im searching & searching the Ebay description, cant see anything that says touchscreen like this SD one. 🤔 Edit: I sent a mssg to the seller. They responded that the ebay version is NOT a...
Post #159971005 added 12-03-2022 6:21 PM by happygooddeal in Deal Talk
Bought this refurbished and so far so good (I had to downgrade to Windows 10) My Daughter plays Roblox, Zoom and Youtube at the same time and it handles well. Refurbished for $209(Shows lower...
Post #159916381 added 12-01-2022 9:55 PM by NandagopalH in Deal Talk
Is this better
Post #159891388 added 12-01-2022 9:13 AM by glfng in Deal Talk
Thanks. I got an email alerted someone posting this same eBay deal yesterday. But it was removed later because of not meeting slickdeals standards wonder why.
Post #159880927 added 11-30-2022 10:48 PM by sd2p in Deal Talk
Yeah, that's what I'm concerned about. I may return this laptop, A backlit keyboard is usually worth the extra cost for me, but this may be for the children's school. These keyboard pics make...
Post #159878389 added 11-30-2022 8:44 PM by Laeknyr in Deal Talk ...
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