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Post #159877162 added 11-30-2022 8:55 PM by raf1919 in Hot Deals
Ya wish they had nice system like hm send you chair and return what you don't like. I was trying to avoid foam seat which is what tipped scale to aeron and embody.
Post #159876793 added 11-30-2022 8:46 PM by rxbird in Hot Deals
You are definitely entitled to your opinion. Glad I got mine for free. Like you, I probably wouldnt have paid for it. Maybe.
Post #159875602 added 11-30-2022 8:11 PM by leecm in Hot Deals
Highly recommend trying the Leap v2 and Amia if there is a showroom or local company that sells SC chairs nearby. HM look flashier and more chic, but that doesn't necessarily translate to a more...
Post #159874501 added 11-30-2022 7:40 PM by raf1919 in Hot Deals
No leap was tempting but got aeron and embody to test both out. Embody seat and back is amazing but arm rest could be better.
Post #159874414 added 11-30-2022 7:38 PM by leecm in Hot Deals
Have you tried Steelcase Leap or Amia? I like both of them better than all of the HM chairs.
Which model tho?
Post #159825745 added 11-29-2022 1:34 PM by SirRey in Hot Deals
Everything on these chairs is replaceable. They are all over FB Market Place for $200. I got mine for $180 and had to replace the strut after about 6 months which was $30.
Post #159808456 added 11-29-2022 5:32 AM by uncloned in Hot Deals
With a time machine? That was March 2020. I got 6 new Aerons for the price of 1 “slick” deal.
Post #159788356 added 11-28-2022 6:01 PM by VMasked in Hot Deals
Great. Is this the cheapest this will get or has it been cheaper?
Post #159690136 added 11-27-2022 9:46 AM by cash_monies in Hot Deals
Same with the code TIM5 also raku 2% cashback
Post #159689842 added 11-27-2022 9:41 AM by ecupirate in Hot Deals
Code G2ESPORTS5 will take another 5% off.
Post #159688807 added 11-27-2022 9:25 AM by ILC2 in Hot Deals
I got a targeted message from Capital One Shopping for 18% rewards at OfficeDesigns. I ordered the chair on Friday and got my rewards confirmation today for the 18% in rewards. I dont know how they...
Post #159680323 added 11-27-2022 6:48 AM by VMasked in Hot Deals
Agreed. that's annoying
Post #159678829 added 11-27-2022 6:11 AM by jincheker in Hot Deals
The embody gaming chair is supposed to have 30% off (25% off + cyber5 5% off) but it’s website has a bug to prevent the promo from applying
Post #159557857 added 11-25-2022 11:51 AM by RCouchh in Hot Deals
Search on HM's website for authorized dealers in your area.
Post #159553282 added 11-25-2022 10:58 AM by zhichengguo in Hot Deals
Office Designer show all Embody backorder?
Post #159531547 added 11-25-2022 5:42 AM by Squishsquash in Hot Deals
My Mirra is around 12 or 13 years maybe more got it used from a company that was downsizing I worked at. I spent well over 1.5k on many chairs in my naive youth, Hon, Deskstar Office-Star, +++ before...
Post #159493225 added 11-24-2022 4:13 PM by TodayOnly in Hot Deals
one of those foot rest/massage rolls that you put your feet on might help
Post #159493075 added 11-24-2022 4:11 PM by Insunshine in Hot Deals
I just need a good chair that tilts downward for circulation. I'm 4'11" and most chairs cut into the back of my knees and my legs ache after long sits. I like the features the Aeron offers but does...
Post #159488572 added 11-24-2022 2:51 PM by n0n0nsense in Hot Deals
A lot of these restored chairs use non-HM parts which are of inferior quality, ie cheap wheels, mesh, and air rests. You can look at YouTube reviews to see if this matters to you.
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