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Post #159849112 added 11-30-2022 6:17 AM by Joe88 in Deal Talk
Delivery date moved up to dec 12th from jan 24th.
Post #159618145 added 11-26-2022 9:30 AM by kantonburg in Deal Talk
What about cooling for the 5800X3D? I've spent the morning reading about it going from a 3600X with a Vetroo V5 it sounds like it may not be enough. I want to really stay with air coolers and it...
Post #159581332 added 11-25-2022 4:39 PM by Joe88 in Deal Talk
Was able to snag it for $329 before it reverted back to $360 also ordered a asrock b550 taichi for $200, have everything else from my old system my x99 mobo is starting to go so it will be a...
Post #159578080 added 11-25-2022 3:43 PM by Andrepartthree in Deal Talk
I can tell from this comment alone you know a lot more about me than motherboards :) .. I just wanted to share my experience though, I wasted SO much time and effort on an asrock motherboard that...
Post #159576520 added 11-25-2022 3:17 PM by PatchesButtface in Deal Talk
Nevermind I can't read instructions
Post #159576409 added 11-25-2022 3:16 PM by PatchesButtface in Deal Talk
thanks January delivery but I'll order and see if it comes sooner
Post #159576376 added 11-25-2022 3:15 PM by Joe88 in Deal Talk
13600k is only $10 less atm, on every site edit: dead, shows the price but you cant add to cart
Post #159576151 added 11-25-2022 3:11 PM by Duncan_M in Deal Talk
+1. For complete new build, the cost is about the same, 5800x3d is 30 dollars more than the 13600k while b550 boards are around 50~70 dollars cheaper than the z690 boards. For DDR4 only gaming,...
Post #159575065 added 11-25-2022 2:53 PM by thaboss in Deal Talk
Post #159574513 added 11-25-2022 2:45 PM by snakcaz in Deal Talk
Depends more on your usage purpose. 5950x is honestly overkill for most users, unless your needs revolve around running multiple heavy workload tasks (render, photoshop, blender, multitasking), and...
Post #159573559 added 11-25-2022 2:30 PM by GioS9482 in Deal Talk
If price isn't a factor, 5950x or this (5800X3D)?
Post #159573331 added 11-25-2022 2:26 PM by essix8 in Deal Talk
The 5800x3D excels because its a drop-in upgrade for existing AM4 owners. But it isnt a great option for new builds, you're far better off buying a 13600k or 13600kf for slightly cheaper, as the...
Post #159572533 added 11-25-2022 2:13 PM by colton5419 in Deal Talk
So I tried to update my BIOS on my MSI Gaming Pro x470 board for this CPU just this week and it didn't boot with the latest BIOS update, even though it is supposed to work ... I replaced that board...
Post #159572338 added 11-25-2022 2:10 PM by AprilWatermelon in Deal Talk
Not a popular opinion but I’ve had multiple good hits with Amz warehouse like new MBs. Sweeter when there’s extra 20% off. Make sure to do your own checks thoroughly and worst case you return it.
Post #159572269 added 11-25-2022 2:09 PM by j0ps in Deal Talk
If you have a MicroCenter nearby, they have them for 319. Get a beefy cooler - mine's hard to tame, but I think it's more of my case. When I game with the case side open, temps stay in 70s-80s...
Post #159571840 added 11-25-2022 2:03 PM by Scrooge in Deal Talk
doing a build.. what motherboard is recommended?
Post #159570934 added 11-25-2022 1:49 PM by aswitzer001 in Deal Talk
Ordered and got an updated delivery estimate of dec. 4-6
Post #159568279 added 11-25-2022 1:09 PM by ultimaterex in Deal Talk
Im getting delivery on dec 9-14 with amazon as seller
Post #159567679 added 11-25-2022 1:00 PM by Frandly in Deal Talk
Received within 4 days 👍🏼
Post #159557440 added 11-25-2022 10:47 AM by Duncan_M in Deal Talk
Amazon has it back on $329 with the game bonus, make sure to check more buying options to choose the $329 one from Amazon directly. ...

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