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Post #159700375 added 11-27-2022 11:32 AM by McScrappy in Deal Talk
Great deal!
Post #159677527 added 11-27-2022 4:20 AM by kytmp in Deal Talk
Not free, but still good at $1.16 for the Tuna/chicken flavor. Also ordered the chicken/cheese for $7.71 so the princess cats have a good supply of their favorite Churu tubes.
Post #159671938 added 11-26-2022 11:25 PM by Zephia- in Deal Talk
I will buy some for my Cat because of Beartani humming the song all the time, I had no idea this brand was sold outside of Japan.
Post #159671434 added 11-26-2022 11:05 PM by Grrrrrrrrrr in Deal Talk
Shit's tasty
Post #159661999 added 11-26-2022 7:07 PM by CatsonMars in Deal Talk
Bought it! thank you
Post #159645823 added 11-26-2022 2:12 PM by beggerking in Deal Talk
my dog likes it too :D
Post #159639883 added 11-26-2022 1:01 PM by happygooddeal in Deal Talk
In 4 1 set even though I don't have cat.
Post #159622309 added 11-26-2022 10:37 AM by spiritswithout in Deal Talk
I got chicken and scallop for $1 more but ship estimate is Dec. 16, 2022 - Jan. 4, 2023 Chewy also has the same deal, a few of them are around $7-8 and a few of them are around $10 but that's still...
Post #159616141 added 11-26-2022 8:57 AM by JustinT8664 in Deal Talk
Chicken and scallops is dead, other 2 still available.
Post #159616105 added 11-26-2022 8:56 AM by Fadakar in Deal Talk
edit: Don't mind me!
Post #159615088 added 11-26-2022 8:40 AM by e-powersellers in Deal Talk
Prices show higher for me at checkout.
Post #159613927 added 11-26-2022 8:19 AM by meanser in Deal Talk
Great deal! Thanks for sharing
Post #159613768 added 11-26-2022 8:16 AM by Thriftymomof2 in Deal Talk
It’s not dead… read the post… price changes at checkout
Post #159611488 added 11-26-2022 7:35 AM by TalentedDesk7409 in Deal Talk
Deal is dead for me, shows $15
Post #159610423 added 11-26-2022 7:15 AM by kingkitty in Deal Talk
Just got the tuna and salmon. Thanks OP!
Post #159607912 added 11-26-2022 6:26 AM by grid101 in Deal Talk
Confirmed. Just did the same.
Post #159607714 added 11-26-2022 6:20 AM by Snoop9700 in Deal Talk
I just ordered the Chicken & Cheese for $6.82, so that flavor isn't dead. Not sure on the others.
Post #159605518 added 11-26-2022 5:25 AM by brandOWNage in Deal Talk
Deal is dead
Post #159604990 added 11-26-2022 5:08 AM by sggrant323 in Deal Talk
Extra 45% coupon for 1st subscribe and save in pet supplies. Comes to $1.18 for me.
Post #159604117 added 11-26-2022 4:38 AM by exaltare in Deal Talk
I paid $10 for 144 tubes in two orders. I was able to pair this with a (third) refresh of the 2 x $15 off $25 app discount. The discount applies on the subtotal.
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