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Post #159773935 added 11-28-2022 12:58 PM by SlickDillie in Hot Deals
Cable card support is dying off and ATSC 3 is coming. I'd stay away from the cable card version entirely and hope to get my 3 years out of the OTA one. That being said, at this point I'm more...
Post #159773674 added 11-28-2022 12:54 PM by SlickDillie in Hot Deals
In his imagination🧐
Post #159717367 added 11-27-2022 4:58 PM by TidalWaveOne in Hot Deals
Where are you seeing that TiVo Edge supports ATSC 3.0? Link?
Post #159710782 added 11-27-2022 2:50 PM by rkg111 in Hot Deals
Tivo Edge has ATSC 3.0. That seems to be the only major difference between the it and the Bolt. Until I see that there's 4k OTA programs being broadcast, I'll stay with the Bolt.
Post #159689044 added 11-27-2022 8:29 AM by TidalWaveOne in Hot Deals
YES!! That's what they need.... OTA with 4K (ATSC 3.0) and 6 tuners (but 4 might be OK). They don't need apps though in my opinion... that would probably be a headache for them. People can just use...
Post #159645520 added 11-26-2022 2:07 PM by rkg111 in Hot Deals pre-formatted 3.5" external hard drives would be one solution if people can open the case to feed the SATA cable. If not, they'll now install it for you if you mail your unit to them.
Post #159626428 added 11-26-2022 11:54 AM by Fant in Hot Deals
Some people have had the 2.5 drives fail but alot have not I think.
Post #159625714 added 11-26-2022 11:40 AM by mrsean in Hot Deals
Did you tell them how incredibly stupid it was to not release a Bolt model with a 3.5" drive when the reports of the 2.5" hard drives failing came rolling in? And then how they doubled-down on that...
Post #159623851 added 11-26-2022 11:04 AM by SnakePlisken in Hot Deals
Also, when I click on record, I want to record it. NOT watch it on some app I don't have a subscription for. Manage app never deletes them off. Such a scam.
Post #159618121 added 11-26-2022 9:30 AM by Carnivore in Hot Deals
I forgot about this. I have a lifetime Roamio from the 2015 deal and I was able to get a Tivo CSR to turn off the ads since I bought it prior to Tivo's new owner adding them. But I don't think...
Post #159617056 added 11-26-2022 9:12 AM by cl001 in Hot Deals
Bolt not reliable, mine already broken 3 times in past 5 years. The old ones much better.
Post #159611392 added 11-26-2022 7:33 AM by Fant in Hot Deals
Had replay during the original days .. then got bolt and a cable card and have been using it for years. I am still frustrated when I go to a friend's house and try to navigate their FiOS or Xfinity...
Post #159609301 added 11-26-2022 6:54 AM by rkg111 in Hot Deals
Yes, ReplayTV was the bomb for those of us old enough to know about it. The lawsuits over commercial skip did them in eventually plus competition from Tivo.
Post #159604519 added 11-26-2022 4:52 AM by Patj in Hot Deals
Got my OTA Roamio soon after introduction then a another one (refurb) a couple years later as a backup. I was having a few issues last year with my original, so I finally switched over to my backup...
Post #159604180 added 11-26-2022 4:41 AM by Knighthawke in Hot Deals
Still miss my Replay TVs
Post #159602308 added 11-26-2022 2:43 AM by SnakePlisken in Hot Deals
Buy this & get constant bombardment of Tivo ads.
Post #159602008 added 11-26-2022 2:21 AM by scottman in Hot Deals
The bolts were reportedly less reliable than the roamios, and the edge the least reliable of them all. I have 2 roamios from the prior deals that I alternate between, the newer one stopped being able...
Post #159601924 added 11-26-2022 2:13 AM by munkle in Hot Deals
Not anymore, fcc doesn't even require that cable cards be supported anymore.
Post #159601846 added 11-26-2022 2:05 AM by ubthca11 in Hot Deals
I also have this same deal and been working great. Any particular type/brand of HD or will any work? I've always been afraid to mess with it, but good to know that the Roamio will take care of it.
Post #159594889 added 11-25-2022 9:14 PM by lebulldog in Hot Deals
I also bought the 4 tuner Roamio with lifetime subscription in 2015 for $300. Mine is also still going strong although it seemed to run hot so I opened the top cover for better airflow. I kept...
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