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Post #159897958 added 12-01-2022 11:54 AM by biggied44 in Deal Talk
I have a couple of these locks on our home and they are great, way faster and easier to use than our previous kwikset wifi versions. I've been really impressed with the battery life as the kwikset...
Post #159897586 added 12-01-2022 11:45 AM by LimpKittyBiscuit in Deal Talk
I bought the one with the wifi adapter earlier this month. I have mixed feelings. First, the end of the deadbolt (the part inside the door hole) was a bit bigger than my previous door hole. I...
Post #159890596 added 12-01-2022 8:51 AM by juelze in Deal Talk
I have similar issues with in screen phone fingerprint sensors. Sometimes I have to lick a dry finger for it to work. Could be that or a faulty unit.
Post #159880735 added 11-30-2022 10:35 PM by skylander in Deal Talk
Nice find! Since I have another door with a fingerprint, I will get the non-fingerprint and non-wifi version. It's a good deal for $ 74 plus tax.
Post #159878665 added 11-30-2022 8:55 PM by MaroonLanguage4962 in Deal Talk
Has anyone installed this on a double door? That’s what I have for the entrance and the deadbolt can sometimes be hard to turn even with hand. Thinking that might be a problem for autolock
Post #159877087 added 11-30-2022 7:53 PM by fgyygtdd4 in Deal Talk
I have and love this lock. Zero fingerprint issues, just you one thumb and register it twice from a ton of angles... I probably replace batteries every 9 months or so, no issue, just use an alkaline...
Post #159876727 added 11-30-2022 7:44 PM by Wyvern1 in Deal Talk
free shiping too compared to 6 bucks for woot
Post #159873559 added 11-30-2022 6:11 PM by saghey in Deal Talk
Uses 4 AA batteries. You can use rechargeable ones
Post #159873349 added 11-30-2022 6:05 PM by Wyvern1 in Deal Talk
is the battery rechargeable?
Post #159873289 added 11-30-2022 6:03 PM by schazz in Deal Talk
Don’t look so good according to these tests, most of which seem to still be current issues (other than the API):
Post #159871954 added 11-30-2022 5:23 PM by jplee3 in Deal Talk
Has anyone installed one of these on a security screen door? My inlaws have a door like this in the front of their enclosed patio. It would be nice to put a smart lock on it but the deadbolt is...
Post #159871783 added 11-30-2022 5:17 PM by fgyygtdd4 in Deal Talk
Ezpz, like any other deadbolt
Post #159870718 added 11-30-2022 4:41 PM by Talontd in Deal Talk
I've had mine a little over a year and only replaced the batteries once.
Post #159868555 added 11-30-2022 3:34 PM by AustinM8565 in Deal Talk
I would say it all comes down to how much worse the battery life is. Having the wifi and everything built into the main device is goign to suck the batteries more than when you have a bridge near...
Post #159867694 added 11-30-2022 3:07 PM by Rkewl in Deal Talk
Yes, it does light up but you have to press "any" button first to light up the numbers.
Post #159867529 added 11-30-2022 3:01 PM by AustinM8565 in Deal Talk
they do light up and I'm pretty sure woot charges a return fee unless it's broken or something but don't quote me on that.
Post #159867514 added 11-30-2022 3:00 PM by FancyShape1082 in Deal Talk
Since I'm running Home Assistant, I wanted a Z-Wave model -- and found a "Like New" one on Amazon for $140, which I just picked up. New, it's $240 retail, but Amazon is running a $40 off coupon:...
Post #159867136 added 11-30-2022 2:47 PM by Eroracing in Deal Talk
I had 3 of these installed for about a year and most of my issues were operator error. I let the batteries die once, cleaning lady could not get in because I let her password expire.... Dumb stuff...
Post #159866422 added 11-30-2022 2:26 PM by AustinM8565 in Deal Talk
I wish this was the zwave model
Post #159866407 added 11-30-2022 2:26 PM by AustinM8565 in Deal Talk
no, it's one lock per bridge.
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