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Post #160990708 added 01-13-2023 8:47 AM by dvdrdiscs in Deal Talk
Sorry to hear it didn't work out for you. My saga has finally ended (hopefully). 1) Ordered when this deal first appeared. 2) Got only the track in mid-Dec. 3) Called and was sent a replacement....
Post #160886872 added 01-08-2023 10:38 AM by dazedxxx in Deal Talk
Yeah my saga continues...I re-ordered after again talking to CS who said they would adjust price after I received. So I ordered, returned the SAW the same day, and Today received only the track,...
Post #160866202 added 01-07-2023 5:19 AM by Heathbar_666 in Deal Talk
So my saw saga just ended today. 1. first initial order was received Dec 29 and was only the track. Called Amazon cust service and they processed a replacement. 2.replacement order was received...
Post #160749019 added 01-01-2023 11:31 AM by dvdrdiscs in Deal Talk
Did you get the replacement correctly? And if so how did you go about returning the original order and making sure they don’t dock you for an incomplete return?
Post #160748968 added 01-01-2023 11:29 AM by dvdrdiscs in Deal Talk
Wow that’s a vastly different experience than I had. When I initially called about only receiving the track, the customer rep said the system is allowing her to order a replacement before I even...
Post #160634908 added 12-27-2022 10:01 AM by Anane in Deal Talk
Received another SAW only , missing the track.
Post #160576513 added 12-24-2022 2:38 PM by dazedxxx in Deal Talk
Whats more of a joke is that amazon says they will take back, and make you re-order at the higher price. I think i will reorder at the higher price and return the shorted one on the that order. I...
Post #160567321 added 12-24-2022 6:14 AM by N8291 in Deal Talk
I only received a saw. I did a missing item replacement with Amazon - new saw and track should arrive 27th . Pretty sure that will be messed up also
Post #160556734 added 12-23-2022 3:56 PM by CorNut in Deal Talk
It was long, maybe 15"x15" but about 5' long. The track saw was packaged inside the plastic container but it was taped to the track so it didn't move around/damage the track
Post #160546741 added 12-23-2022 8:54 AM by dvdrdiscs in Deal Talk
How big was this box? The track itself is very long box due to the length of the track. So they'd have to find a box that long AND tall enough to contain the tracksaw box. lol.
Post #160538326 added 12-22-2022 9:19 PM by CorNut in Deal Talk
I received mine correctly, it showed up today in 1 big box
Post #160524778 added 12-22-2022 11:08 AM by dvdrdiscs in Deal Talk
Wow did anyone receive theirs correctly? Seems like a clusterfark. My replacement is slated for Dec 31 and I’m now antsy that one will be botched too.
Post #160473214 added 12-20-2022 3:26 PM by Cassull in Deal Talk
Got my track saw today, but the guide rail is quite bent. Both were in the same box, but the track saw box was taped on top of the guide rail, so I don't really know how it got so beat up. No option...
Post #160453198 added 12-19-2022 9:13 PM by dazedxxx in Deal Talk
Received mine over the weekend, says 1 of 2 boxes but no track yet.
Post #160421863 added 12-18-2022 5:24 PM by CorNut in Deal Talk
Well, at least they're making it right. I guess I'll be prepared to contact if it's a partial. My order updated to arriving Dec 28th, it hasn't shipped yet.
Post #160389037 added 12-17-2022 9:17 AM by ianhiding in Deal Talk
Just received the saw only, no track. What the heck
Post #160379002 added 12-16-2022 8:20 PM by dvdrdiscs in Deal Talk
Called again today since the 2nd box didn’t show up. This rep said it wasn’t shipped in two boxes. Wtf. But she ordered me a replacement and it now has a delivery of early January.
Post #160335817 added 12-15-2022 1:27 PM by dvdrdiscs in Deal Talk
I stand corrected. I called them and they said it was shipped in 2 boxes but they share the same tracking number. I was told to wait until tomorrow to see if the 2nd box shows up as there's no way to...
Post #160330981 added 12-15-2022 11:12 AM by dvdrdiscs in Deal Talk
I have no faith in this happening. Amazon doesn't normally ship items separately like this without at least marking them separately. Their logistics isn't this sloppy. I'll call them when I get home...
Post #160330273 added 12-15-2022 10:54 AM by CorNut in Deal Talk
Lucky. Mine hasn't shipped yet, it says expected 1/1-1/5 Lucky assuming you guys aren't shorted parts that is/they're just partials.
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