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Post #160750192 added 01-01-2023 12:34 PM by daeyoon in Deal Talk
Post #160743889 added 01-01-2023 5:56 AM by deedz2 in Deal Talk
Ty for the dmi codes everyone ! :hug: Happy New Year 2023! :pray:
Post #160742971 added 01-01-2023 2:45 AM by chichidragon in Deal Talk
Enter code CHEERS2023 for 23 points!
Post #160741825 added 12-31-2022 10:42 PM by gooddog in Deal Talk
Guys, chill out. These points were not supposed to be anything serious. I have about 700 points and all I can get are posters, books and some very unpopular Blu ray disks.
Post #160741165 added 12-31-2022 9:20 PM by julieanddanny in Deal Talk
Be patient - they will return.
Post #160740703 added 12-31-2022 8:27 PM by BigDipper in Deal Talk
Desperately downloaded app for extra points only to find all earned points a waste when looking for a gift card. What a sham!!! Not one gift card to be found.
Post #160740400 added 12-31-2022 8:03 PM by BigDipper in Deal Talk
I need 2 more points!!! Help!!!
Post #160740187 added 12-31-2022 7:47 PM by MogwaiWaterPark in Deal Talk
Speak for yourself, preppie! I’m all movies all the time.
Post #160738552 added 12-31-2022 5:53 PM by sdaddict001 in Deal Talk
Seriously this is one of the best post for DMI. Thank you OP!!!!
Post #160738018 added 12-31-2022 5:22 PM by Frank_Nitty in Deal Talk
Thanks OP... Fire post 🔥... I was unaware of how many point codes I had missed out on prior today. Again, awesome post.
Post #160736974 added 12-31-2022 4:09 PM by ScooterNC in Deal Talk
All I get is sorry something happened
Post #160736923 added 12-31-2022 4:06 PM by sunvanness in Deal Talk
Thank you
Post #160705288 added 12-30-2022 5:47 AM by linkyarmer in Deal Talk
It’s been a fun ride, nice that they closed it out with 25 as well. Catch you all next Holiday season. Happy New Year! I wish you all health, happiness and safety!
Post #160703380 added 12-30-2022 1:30 AM by Super.Noob in Deal Talk
Thank you
Post #160700818 added 12-29-2022 9:01 PM by joelschlegel in Deal Talk
DEC 30 Code - HELLO2023 ( 25 points - will go live at 12/30 @ 3am EST)
Post #160688248 added 12-29-2022 10:45 AM by Meier5272 in Deal Talk
Thank you
Post #160688116 added 12-29-2022 10:40 AM by kannyfu in Deal Talk
Input Code: GOODBYE22
Post #160677067 added 12-28-2022 9:07 PM by joelschlegel in Deal Talk
DEC 29 Code - GOODBYE22 ( 10 points - will go live at 12/29 @ 3am EST)
Post #160674700 added 12-28-2022 6:59 PM by DeputyStankus in Deal Talk
I did, but thanks. Probably the post got removed because it was wrong.
Post #160674520 added 12-28-2022 6:49 PM by linkyarmer in Deal Talk
Why are you the way you are?
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