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Post #159977884 added 12-04-2022 2:43 AM by ElatedHose2198 in Deal Talk
wish it was in stock when I ordered, got the black with 40% off coupon myself. FYI I think 30 something’s are millennials, not boomers.
Post #159976537 added 12-03-2022 11:39 PM by calvin0416 in Deal Talk
I always get the white one because that’s the 30 year old boomer’s drink of choice
Post #159973603 added 12-03-2022 8:24 PM by Dogmeat75 in Deal Talk
I cancel s&s right after it ships
Post #159970285 added 12-03-2022 5:50 PM by mirrzuhh33 in Deal Talk
Deal is dead, no coupon to clip on the page
Post #159966535 added 12-03-2022 3:01 PM by bestdeal113 in Deal Talk
I usually drink Zero Ultra but wanted to try something else and Black is good. A bit of cherry taste to me.
Post #159961819 added 12-03-2022 11:35 AM by LavenderLake5124 in Deal Talk
I tried black from recommendations and it wasn't for me. Tasted like the ketchup water when you first squeeze a bottle without shaking it
Post #159948637 added 12-02-2022 9:39 PM by Makosaur in Deal Talk
Yes, you 100% can and there's no penalty. I've been doing it for years.
Post #159942940 added 12-02-2022 5:29 PM by Bunchmanz in Deal Talk
Some flavors are showing a 40% coupon when you select S&S. Can you just cancel S&S after you receive your first shipment?
Post #159942490 added 12-02-2022 5:10 PM by sitinhkid in Deal Talk
Not sure why but Amazon gave me 40% off for the Low-carb Blue which is my favorite flavor. Nice.
Post #159942031 added 12-02-2022 4:52 PM by 0akparkian in Deal Talk
Paradise flavor is 50% off. Total was 17.71 for 24 cans. Monster Energy Ultra Paradise, Sugar Free Energy Drink, 16 Ounce (Pack of 24) https://a.co/d/cY4gUs5
Post #159941731 added 12-02-2022 4:39 PM by buddy72192 in Deal Talk
I like the fiesta mango. $1 can is just about as good as it gets. Thanks OP
Post #159923995 added 12-02-2022 6:59 AM by ric0suave in Deal Talk
C4 S&S 20-25% off 12 packs. Seems to have a higher base price than before.
Post #159918586 added 12-02-2022 12:29 AM by bestdeal113 in Deal Talk
No more Ultra Black :(
Post #159913741 added 12-01-2022 7:54 PM by backforwardback in Deal Talk
Use to be Monster but switched to Rockstars. Just better flavors. Also monsters tend to have a bit too much sodium
Post #159913015 added 12-01-2022 7:25 PM by buubuu in Deal Talk
I like the Ultra Fiesta. It’s has the mango flavor.
Post #159912094 added 12-01-2022 6:55 PM by riffdex in Deal Talk
Does anyone actually really like the Ultra flavors? Every single one I’ve tasted has been an incredible disappointment to me. Now admittedly I haven’t tried many because I don’t expect them to be...
Post #159911734 added 12-01-2022 6:43 PM by Applejuiced in Deal Talk
Can we order 2 different orders with different flavors via subscribe and save?
Post #159911020 added 12-01-2022 6:21 PM by sweetsmartie in Deal Talk
100% agree with you! Hardest flavor for me to find.
Post #159907789 added 12-01-2022 4:36 PM by satha.bell in Deal Talk
In for 1 if you don’t love your kidney :)
Post #159906352 added 12-01-2022 3:49 PM by Ric_Flair in Deal Talk
Haha.. I do the same and no issues thus far.
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