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I've gotten 10 years of if my last $30 Norelco rotary. Same blades that came with it, never sharpened. How does that fair daily cost compared to safety razors, never in used em?
Post #159947836 added 12-02-2022 8:57 PM by Sam Hobbs in Deal Talk
Read the Amazon description. It says: but not too close for men who wear facial styles, beards, or stubble Not too close
Post #159944506 added 12-02-2022 6:34 PM by Shadowysea07 in Deal Talk
I have one of these I got from Kohls and it works great. Only negative is the button is hard to get it to turn on an off since you have to hold it for a few seconds. You can knick yourself with this...
Post #159944050 added 12-02-2022 6:14 PM by Johnybrk in Deal Talk
You were expecting a razer close shave on a shaver that has a permanent blade guard? I actually like the shave this gives me, you can always have that permanent 5 oclock shave for days without...
Post #159943402 added 12-02-2022 5:45 PM by FreedomPenguin in Deal Talk
real slick dealers use double blade or safety razors. cheaper by far
Post #159943009 added 12-02-2022 5:31 PM by rly723 in Deal Talk
So recently I’ve been getting grey hair around side burns area which is annoying. Will this trimmer make it less noticeable or is my only option doing a close shave with normal razor? My normal face...
Post #159941872 added 12-02-2022 4:46 PM by James_bond003 in Deal Talk
This is my almost daily groomer, this is a good price, I have two sets I keep them charged. This isn't for close shaving, but, like very close. My main use is for my beard and mustache grooming.
Post #159940336 added 12-02-2022 3:41 PM by noctural in Deal Talk
I second this. Also purchased in a recent deal, hoping to use it as a beard trimmer and it just doesn’t cut very well. Very disappointed.
Post #159939181 added 12-02-2022 2:55 PM by User18383921 in Deal Talk
This is the new gimmick. It's super cool but very overhyped and expensive.
Post #159937948 added 12-02-2022 2:07 PM by bradymartin in Deal Talk
best shaver ive ever used. i have one for years and blades last me at least 6 months. just shave face
Post #159936754 added 12-02-2022 1:24 PM by yoyosushi in Deal Talk
Is this more expense than the Philips online store? I think they have it for $29 minus 20% off if you signup for the coupon. I mean it’s not a huge difference in price but just saying
Post #159935869 added 12-02-2022 12:56 PM by MaxRegen in Deal Talk
Agreed — this is the set to get!
Post #159935737 added 12-02-2022 12:52 PM by TheCraftyCatsman in Deal Talk
Have it, love it. That is all.
Post #159934936 added 12-02-2022 12:25 PM by veryseablue in Deal Talk
I have more expensive Philips electric shaver, the ones without removable blades,. Can anyone please let me know what 's the difference between them, is this one better to use? Thanks.
Post #159934285 added 12-02-2022 12:01 PM by Bill McNeal in Deal Talk
Since purchasing this a few weeks ago, my wife has given me a bj membership
Post #159933484 added 12-02-2022 11:39 AM by rksingh in Deal Talk
Blades needs to be replaced after 3-4 months, depending up on use.
Post #159932602 added 12-02-2022 11:12 AM by Marlin1975 in Deal Talk
Thanks. I spent the extra $10 for the better battery and more heads version... https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B078BDHV9P/
Post #159932308 added 12-02-2022 11:02 AM by mosd88 in Deal Talk
I let my facial hair grow out during the week. It grows pretty fast, and it’s too long for a regular electric razor at that point. I prefer this device instead of a traditional trimmer to take the...
Post #159930646 added 12-02-2022 10:18 AM by VegaTheChosen in Deal Talk
Just a heads up I saw this recently at kohl's for 20.
Post #159929887 added 12-02-2022 9:56 AM by BerMM2 in Deal Talk
A great shaver. Goes through the longest thickest beards like butter and is nearly as close as the Arc V or Series 9 Pro. The biggest downside is the mess and realizing this was a waste of $$ because...
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