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Post #160983523 added 01-13-2023 1:33 AM by william_asengx in Deal Talk
Mine shipped yesterday
Post #160540441 added 12-23-2022 12:39 AM by william_asengx in Deal Talk
I spoke to customer service through chat. They said the delivery it’s not until February 1st but my order status still says Dec 28th. I want to take advantage of the amex deal $40 back of $200...
Post #160525357 added 12-22-2022 11:25 AM by Prince65 in Deal Talk
Did anyone else get the notification that dell is not shipping until February? This is so frustrating I needed them before Christmas, not to mention best buy had a sale for $250 last, and now that...
Post #160476157 added 12-20-2022 5:31 PM by knicknut in Deal Talk
Mine was supposed to arrive today, up until today it was "still scheduled for on-time delivery." Then I get an email that it is delayed until February 4th >.< That is poor customer support and...
Post #160459756 added 12-20-2022 7:25 AM by william_asengx in Deal Talk
Mine still not shipped yet. How about you guys? Placed the order on Dec 1st.
Post #160007221 added 12-05-2022 5:54 AM by laiko in Deal Talk
Ordered too late I guess.. delivery towards end of the month ugh!
Post #159994630 added 12-04-2022 3:58 PM by springs113 in Deal Talk
Is usually somewhere between 20 and 30 bucs.
Post #159994165 added 12-04-2022 3:42 PM by azulon12 in Deal Talk
Not on sale?
Post #159982096 added 12-04-2022 7:46 AM by springs113 in Deal Talk
The name of the product is wicked cushions...i have the wicked cushion 90s set for my penrose. I need a secondary headset and I'm waiting on these nova pros to go on sale again.
Post #159952891 added 12-03-2022 5:29 AM by Wagner-LuisR in Deal Talk
Can you tell me which cushion cooling gel are you bought?
Post #159948007 added 12-02-2022 9:05 PM by fiveohfour in Deal Talk
Oh so this does have Bluetooth, how many devices can be connected at once? It pissed me off so many modern headsets only allow one when my turtle beach PX51’s or whatever from that era could connect...
Post #159942340 added 12-02-2022 5:05 PM by callmemark in Deal Talk
What am I to do with a Dell gift card. I've been eyeing this headset since a few hours after the $250 sale ended...
Post #159940078 added 12-02-2022 3:29 PM by Dealkats in Deal Talk
Get the Sony H7. I have it for ps5 and it is great and way better battery life than 3d pulse. It's also been on sale a lot lately for $148.
Post #159935911 added 12-02-2022 12:57 PM by NoLimitz80 in Deal Talk
Glad to help another SD'er out :peace:
Post #159935518 added 12-02-2022 12:44 PM by jonnydoo in Deal Talk
The XM4 definitely has better ANC.
Post #159932695 added 12-02-2022 11:15 AM by CoralCabbage4815 in Deal Talk
I got the wired versions for 250 when they first released. There really good headphones but if your gaming and don't dare about wires then I'd definitely get the wired ones. It's not ones that plug...
Post #159932113 added 12-02-2022 10:57 AM by notwilson in Deal Talk
Sent you a DM, nvm! I got it!
Post #159931414 added 12-02-2022 10:38 AM by eltiburondelaletra86 in Deal Talk
Who paying this much for headphones omg
Post #159931219 added 12-02-2022 10:33 AM by dealhopper2 in Deal Talk
I'm debating between this and the Sony Pulse 3Ds, which can be had from Walmart right now for 59 shipped. I do have the AMEX 40 off deal, so I can potentially shave this down to 350-100GC -40 = 210 ?...
Post #159930997 added 12-02-2022 10:27 AM by GuardianBC in Deal Talk
I don't own a console for either PS5 or Xbox and got it because I have a Mac and Windows PC. I can say that the Xbox port does work for the Windows PC and you can customize the EQ set with the...
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