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Post #160017064 added 12-05-2022 11:29 AM by JakeW3302 in Deal Talk
Never going to be at USBC iPhone they are simply going to ditch the port altogether and just do magsafe
Post #160015771 added 12-05-2022 10:48 AM by daviddang in Deal Talk
I’ll continue to rock my Pro 1 until the usb-c case version releases after the expected usb-c iphone next year (historically they’ve released an updated MagSafe case version for the Pro 1). And if...
Post #160009978 added 12-05-2022 7:44 AM by Jigged in Deal Talk
That's sad to hear. Why can't Google get it right?
Post #160009246 added 12-05-2022 7:17 AM by prak903 in Deal Talk
Repped! Got for $140 with amex offer. TY!
Post #160008172 added 12-05-2022 6:34 AM by 02nz in Deal Talk
Came down more quickly than with the original because of competition. When the original Pros came out, there were few ANC true wireless earbuds, now it's a huge market.
Post #160004701 added 12-05-2022 1:19 AM by SharpLinen393 in Deal Talk
People whose use apple products already have limited brain function so.....
Post #160004509 added 12-05-2022 12:42 AM by music3k in Deal Talk
I ordered these at launch from amazon and was sent used last gen models. Still had ear wax in them. Customer support told me to return them exactly as I got them. Amazon refuses to refund me three...
Post #160001164 added 12-04-2022 8:19 PM by gaucho_2009 in Deal Talk
Does Target offer AppleCare option? All I see is Allstate coverage and I've heard they're not very helpful when it comes to claims. Anyone here have experience with that? Thanks!
Post #160000744 added 12-04-2022 8:01 PM by wjztusa in Deal Talk
Pixel buds pro and A series are different. Pro is much better
Post #160000741 added 12-04-2022 8:01 PM by SeriousLlama437 in Deal Talk
Not sure I have it in me to purchase these again. I was listening to static for so freaking long, bought Bose, fell in love, only to find that my AirPods had a recall. Took them in and they are ok...
Post #159998797 added 12-04-2022 6:43 PM by -EricB- in Deal Talk
I’ve been having a problem with the battery no percentage not updating on my phone. If they were at say 20 percent . I charge them and start using at 100 percent charge the update percentage doesn’t...
Post #159997246 added 12-04-2022 5:49 PM by JakeW3302 in Deal Talk
Spatial audio is a novelty and joke. Find my can be useful but easily not needed if you simply care for your stuff and don't lose it.
Post #159996403 added 12-04-2022 5:17 PM by mickuo in Deal Talk
I am not sure why you would say "terrible advice". You pay the money and hope that you can maximize whatever you buy. The price is not at all inexpensive. If I paid the money, I would love to be able...
Post #159996169 added 12-04-2022 5:07 PM by JakeW3302 in Deal Talk
Terrible advice I've been using airpods pro (1st and now 2nd gen) for two years exclusively with Samsung Android phones. There is no comparable product for wireless headphones. Samsung's buds (as...
Post #159996148 added 12-04-2022 5:07 PM by ashman4827 in Deal Talk
wake me up when AirPods Pro 3 is out... make it 4... or 5... nah 6.........
Post #159996085 added 12-04-2022 5:04 PM by TealRose3385 in Deal Talk
You can price match for $200 + %10 off on target gift cards.
Post #159996031 added 12-04-2022 5:01 PM by prettynicky in Deal Talk
The AirPod pro 2nd gen are 250 on target. Where do you see this price?
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