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Post #160175863 added 12-10-2022 10:53 AM by goibhniu in Deal Talk
Yeah, I've seen the dark grey but as I'm not overseas... So does it help changing the backlight color then? Maybe it's time to finally pull the trigger...
Post #160152076 added 12-09-2022 1:29 PM by thesmokingman in Deal Talk
Same, well got one with the 6800s for my college teen. It's pretty power thrifty if you limit the fps and tune it. Otherwise yea it's a pretty great laptop.
Post #160068865 added 12-07-2022 12:14 AM by jonny4 in Deal Talk
I thought I’d let you know the 2022 models come in white with a white keyboard but you choose the color of the backlight, mine is set to red. Also, if you really want a dark colored one, they do come...
Post #160054651 added 12-06-2022 2:04 PM by nguyer in Deal Talk
I get that keyboard preferences are highly subjective, so your opinion is valid. I also have a 16" MacBook Pro for work, and I prefer the Zephyrus. I have never noticed any keyboard flex when typing...
Post #160053634 added 12-06-2022 1:30 PM by TenseLlama8708 in Deal Talk
I'm sure the exact laptop I loomed at now. Exact same specs.
Post #160053592 added 12-06-2022 1:28 PM by Extragooey in Deal Talk
You do realize that Asus releases a new G14 every year. So you couldn't have been shopping for this "exact laptop" last November since the 2022 version which is what this one is came out in the...
Post #160048873 added 12-06-2022 10:49 AM by WanlongW in Deal Talk
I am considering this or Legion Slim 7. Legion is prettier i think.
Post #160048189 added 12-06-2022 10:28 AM by ajma in Deal Talk
I disagree about the keyboard. I went into the store to try it out. It's got more travel than a macbook which might be nice, but the keys don't feel that fast and since the laptop tilts upwards, the...
Post #160040488 added 12-06-2022 6:06 AM by goibhniu in Deal Talk
I've been eyeballing these 14" Zephyrus gaming laptops for several years now, and they keep getting better and better. But the one place that they've still refused to make a course correction is in...
Post #160038589 added 12-06-2022 4:23 AM by nguyer in Deal Talk
I am typing this message on this laptop now, and I love it!. I bought it open box a couple months ago when it was on a similar sale. Here are some thoughts on it: In my opinion, this 14 laptop is...
Post #160037236 added 12-06-2022 1:31 AM by mongerkill in Deal Talk
Also I think Asus released a firmware to enable USB 4/thunderbolt.
Post #160036378 added 12-05-2022 11:51 PM by jonny4 in Deal Talk
I thought I’d add that my 6800s version is the 32Gb Anime Matrix version. You can adjust the sliders in Armory Crate to help with the heat or even modify the registry to see better minimum or maximum...
Post #160033633 added 12-05-2022 8:59 PM by geek37 in Deal Talk
i owned this laptop i did re-installed the Operating System clean. Updated to latest BIOS and installed the latest Adrenalin drivers. so far no issues. it's running quieter than original pre-loaded...
Post #160030438 added 12-05-2022 6:54 PM by NoisyP in Deal Talk
Did you have any issues with battery life after running the non-ASUS drivers?
Post #160029928 added 12-05-2022 6:41 PM by OrangeHeat3122 in Deal Talk
6800s maybe, not 6700
Post #160029670 added 12-05-2022 6:31 PM by TenseLlama8708 in Deal Talk
I was seriously shopping this exact laptop last November. It was the exact same price, 1199. Amazing how no gaming stuff is dropping
Post #160029613 added 12-05-2022 6:28 PM by DealhunterPNW in Deal Talk
It has one slot and 8GB soldered. Having 2 modules doesn’t really matter for gaming like it did with DDR4 though, since each DDR5 module itself runs in dual-channel.
Post #160028350 added 12-05-2022 5:44 PM by tgpumpkin in Deal Talk
I’m guessing this is an older version you saw. I bought this a few months ago and love it. It’s not slow at all runs beautifully and has a mux switch . Does run warm but expected that from a...
Post #160021903 added 12-05-2022 2:04 PM by mvigil02 in Deal Talk
Best bang for your buck laptop out there. I upgraded mine to 40GB of ram and a 2TB SK Hynix P41 SSD(imaging what an equivalent Macbook pro costs with these specs). Due to it being a gaming laptop...
Post #160021297 added 12-05-2022 1:45 PM by jlee510 in Deal Talk
Only one ram slot is upgradeable, the other being soldered on. I just got the 6800s on Saturday and will be returning it tonight. Arrived with lines on the screen after setting up. Could have been...
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