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Post #160576687 added 12-24-2022 2:54 PM by Pga in Deal Talk
F dicks. Don’t shop there.
Post #160576603 added 12-24-2022 2:47 PM by smartshopper798 in Deal Talk
Yes, I went to Dicks store today and ordered this table, delivery fee is 90$. Delivery + installation is 150$.
Post #160408000 added 12-18-2022 5:34 AM by iridium in Deal Talk
Refreshed and it is 499 .. hopefully they price match from 2 weeks ago.
Post #160407715 added 12-18-2022 5:07 AM by truedealsearcher in Deal Talk
Yeah that's true, it was $90 if you go inside the store
Post #160407553 added 12-18-2022 4:53 AM by amheck in Deal Talk
Showing 499 now for me at Dicks. Someone mentioned cheaper shipping if you went in to the store. Can anyone confirm?
Post #160215766 added 12-11-2022 8:41 PM by mobileagent in Deal Talk
What's the return policy from Wayfair compared to Amazon?
Post #160177534 added 12-10-2022 11:53 AM by itsgk in Deal Talk
Finally pulling the trigger on which is also on sale for $600....
Post #160149577 added 12-09-2022 12:02 PM by dtmamg in Deal Talk
It was a post from another SDer in this thread
Post #160138891 added 12-09-2022 6:11 AM by amheck in Deal Talk
Not that we have a time machine, but it was 499 last year at this time. If you search reddit for this table, there's a post last black Friday for 499. Everything went up so 599 isn't all that...
Post #160138678 added 12-09-2022 6:01 AM by smartshopper798 in Deal Talk
I'm looking at the historical price data of this table it has always been to 599$ not less than that, when did you see it for 499$ ?
Post #160138375 added 12-09-2022 5:44 AM by smartshopper798 in Deal Talk
I just checked with Wayfair, they said they dont do price match, but we can use the 10% discount for new wayfair accounts. I didn't try this yet will try later today. If it works you can combine 10%...
Post #160137916 added 12-09-2022 5:20 AM by smartshopper798 in Deal Talk
Wayfair now has this on sale for 729$ with free shipping, I'm not sure if they do price match with Dicks, if they do it will be an awesome deal. if anyone could find any wayfair coupons that works...
Post #160113190 added 12-08-2022 9:13 AM by amheck in Deal Talk
hadn't heard of them, checking them out now, thanks!
Post #160112962 added 12-08-2022 9:06 AM by itsgk in Deal Talk
You could have used GoShare for $125 where they provide delivery and truck. It’s like Uber for furniture delivery. You have an option to add additional labor and assembly if you don’t want to do...
Post #160110298 added 12-08-2022 7:51 AM by amheck in Deal Talk
yeah, moving this thing is a pain. I actually found one used on FB, said its in great condition. I priced a uhaul for a 1 way trip, about 45 minutes, and its over $250 for a one day rental. What a...
Post #160109917 added 12-08-2022 7:40 AM by itsgk in Deal Talk
Is there any other seller who can price match it and deliver it for less? It is a pain to pick this much heavy item or to pay $240 for delivery.
Post #160091044 added 12-07-2022 4:02 PM by kateymwf in Deal Talk
Anyone know how to find a 20% off coupon?
Post #160034443 added 12-05-2022 9:37 PM by NinjaGrunt in Deal Talk
It’s gorgeous!
Post #160034074 added 12-05-2022 9:19 PM by amheck in Deal Talk
Well crap, you guys are making me think I should wait for the 499 price
Post #160032901 added 12-05-2022 8:24 PM by lazeekat in Deal Talk
Just so you are aware, the boxed weight is 315lbs and an absolute beast to move. Helpful to have 3-4 people lift the box. Check the box dimensions as well. You need clearance for 63.75 inches x 57.00...
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