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Post #160479589 added 12-20-2022 7:57 PM by Dirudo in Deal Talk
I would prefer this just cause this is IPS while the LG monitor is VA
Post #160372420 added 12-16-2022 3:31 PM by jiiiggz1 in Deal Talk
This deal or the Samsung Odyssey G5 G52A that's on sale EPP for $265? https://slickdeals.net/f/16311790-samsung-epp-odyssey-32-g52a-monitor-265?v=1&src=SiteSearch
Post #160175755 added 12-10-2022 10:50 AM by grinzer in Deal Talk
I would get the HP... The LG Besides being a refurb it is also a VA monitor, while the HP is an IPS IPS has better viewing angles, better colors and no black smear. VA has better blacks....
Post #160142527 added 12-09-2022 8:19 AM by CleverTank551 in Deal Talk
Thoughts on HP X32 here at $230 vs https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09J5J2457/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A1A8MSH1RVSQBU&psc=1 ? These are for my 3 kids. They all got new computers that they...
Post #160129756 added 12-08-2022 6:57 PM by PeacefullyInsane in Deal Talk
$170 Amazon treasure truck this year. I think that was the best deal
Post #160122526 added 12-08-2022 2:12 PM by MPoWeRM3 in Deal Talk
It doesn't unfortunately.
Post #160110172 added 12-08-2022 7:47 AM by PeacefullyInsane in Deal Talk
Doubtful. I jumped on the $170 Amazon treasure truck deal last year. Glad I did. Though in my opinion, I’d still pay $230 for this thing. It’s a really nice display. That 1440P, 1MS response, and...
Post #160109971 added 12-08-2022 7:41 AM by DougD2946 in Deal Talk
I don't see this at Costco. Do you have a link?
Post #160104991 added 12-08-2022 3:28 AM by VioletTent657 in Deal Talk
IPS is preferable for gaming.
Post #160104982 added 12-08-2022 3:27 AM by VioletTent657 in Deal Talk
Don’t they have an extended return window for the holidays?
Post #160096564 added 12-07-2022 7:00 PM by minhk369 in Deal Talk
Link please sir??? Thank you!!!!
Post #160096516 added 12-07-2022 6:58 PM by minhk369 in Deal Talk
Wait wot? I thought the Pro one is 299? Would you pls share the link for me?
Post #160095652 added 12-07-2022 6:34 PM by guardian641 in Deal Talk
I would recommend grabbing this monitor when it’s on sale for $250 GIGABYTE M27Q PRO: 27" 165Hz 1440P
Post #160095277 added 12-07-2022 6:23 PM by twinight in Deal Talk
This or the Acer Nitro for $219 for gaming? This one is a flat IPS panel, but the Acer is a curved VA panel. Other specs seem...
Post #160094218 added 12-07-2022 5:46 PM by glenroebuck in Deal Talk
If you have a costco membership they have an LG QHD with Gsync for 299 - 32 inches.
Post #160091107 added 12-07-2022 4:04 PM by nwdave in Deal Talk
Same pixel density as a 24" 1080p. I realize some people prefer a greater density, just wanted to add some context.
Post #160090687 added 12-07-2022 3:49 PM by liunit92 in Deal Talk
your mobo doesn't have SPDIF ?
Post #160088860 added 12-07-2022 2:51 PM by ShushiiT in Deal Talk
oooooo 5 more inches for $50 more from the 27” it’s becoming more ideal to push 1440p gaming
Post #160086877 added 12-07-2022 1:48 PM by exedotbat in Deal Talk
I bought this when it was $200, I also didn't get the LG panel, and had 2 dead pixels (which I don't notice). The display port cable it came with didn't work, I had to use my old one. Overall I...
Post #160085581 added 12-07-2022 1:11 PM by clsA in Deal Talk
Nope it's actually quite nice. I been using this for about 5 months now. there is some edge bleed on total black screens but for everyday use it's great. I retired a LG 32" UltraGear QHD 32GN600...
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