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Post #160865416 added 01-07-2023 2:59 AM by junkster in Hot Deals
Game is mediocre at best. Using Logitech g920 but none of the keys are mappable on Xbox which is awful....I have a fancy hand brake and can't even use it. At least let us remap that ffs.....plus no...
Post #160182985 added 12-10-2022 3:50 PM by kumastha in Hot Deals
Target has it for $40 from tomorrow
Post #160175296 added 12-10-2022 10:33 AM by stealth805 in Hot Deals
Best Buy has it for $41.99 for today. PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.
Post #160171351 added 12-10-2022 8:05 AM by RayRavage in Hot Deals
That's the deal I'm waiting on. I was about to buy it for PC at $40, but that Target deal popped up. I'm willing to give the game a try. I liked Heat a little bit, it was a step in the right...
Post #160143340 added 12-09-2022 8:45 AM by CageBLS in Hot Deals
It's going to be $40 at Target next week as well!
Post #160127716 added 12-08-2022 5:36 PM by DylanT8047 in Hot Deals
Still waiting on the day they make a remastered NFS Most Wanted(2005). I'd be first in line willing to pay retail!
Post #160127266 added 12-08-2022 5:20 PM by KNlCKS in Hot Deals
Will Amazon price match?
Post #160121584 added 12-08-2022 1:38 PM by TheBigG4Y in Hot Deals
No micros, purely grind. From bottom tier cars to higher. You get plenty of cars from winning races, and a lot available to buy
Post #160108009 added 12-08-2022 6:35 AM by PurpleBanana1722 in Hot Deals
Why does it suck?
Post #160104154 added 12-08-2022 1:16 AM by Dwight_K_Schrute in Hot Deals
I played the 10 hour trial and it's the first NFS game that I've enjoyed since Most Wanted came out 17 years ago. I wasn't a fan of the cartoony car effects at first, but I don't really notice them...
Post #160101832 added 12-07-2022 10:41 PM by CindyBrady in Hot Deals
When a price drops that fast...somebody flushed a toilet somewhere. It also shows a lack of confidence in the product's ability to garner sales. Hard Pass.
Post #160100245 added 12-07-2022 9:17 PM by ThriLLa4Manila in Hot Deals
Best NFS that has been released in the past ~6 years. I don’t think we’ll ever get a NFS that will be as amazing as the Underground/2, but unbound is fun. I enjoy the cartoon/anime effects and it...
Post #160096543 added 12-07-2022 6:59 PM by Eluder99 in Hot Deals
Been playing this via the 10 hour trial on my PC and it looks great and is fun to play. I never pay attention to the stories in these games cause they really don't mean jack here. Gameplay is fun...
Post #160095601 added 12-07-2022 6:32 PM by solki in Hot Deals
you provided the most informative review. compared to the others who said "this is the worse for many reasons" but somehow forgot to explain even a single reason.
Post #160095022 added 12-07-2022 6:15 PM by KenI5608 in Hot Deals
Post #160093990 added 12-07-2022 5:38 PM by jetoff in Hot Deals
I watched this video, seemed pretty informative https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kb-z0RMoNwQ It doesn't change much in terms of gameplay but the art style is refreshing I'd say worth it at...
Post #160092937 added 12-07-2022 5:05 PM by SlickGame4485 in Hot Deals
Maybe this isn't pre-order, but it is pretty close. I'll wait for more info.
Post #160090576 added 12-07-2022 3:45 PM by SANDMAN. in Hot Deals
You may think it’s “stupid” but it’s a FACT. The game is trash. Touch grass? TF is that!? 🤣😂🤣 I prefer to smoke it. Kick rocks snowflake.
Post #160090528 added 12-07-2022 3:44 PM by liunit92 in Hot Deals
waiting for
Post #160090366 added 12-07-2022 3:39 PM by Viovoxal in Hot Deals
Why’d you even open this thread to comment some stupid crap if that’s how you feel? Go touch some grass.
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