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Post #160594066 added 12-25-2022 1:10 PM by MxChris in Deal Talk
Similar here. 2x4 and Harbor Freight 20pc storage hook set for $6. Simple, strong and cheap.
Post #160576780 added 12-24-2022 2:59 PM by ANoeLL in Deal Talk
No longer available
Post #160563874 added 12-23-2022 10:18 PM by gizmo13th in Deal Talk
My grandparents have one in their garage. Whenever I use a tool, I am always putting 3 back that have fallen while taking that 1 down.. maybe a locking rubber band would be a nice addition but why...
Post #160563604 added 12-23-2022 9:58 PM by herocks185 in Deal Talk
For the price just replace every couple years, bfd. Look’s better than some hicks garage can.
Post #160515916 added 12-22-2022 6:11 AM by dougied1961 in Deal Talk
Some things just shouldn't be made of plastic.
Post #160490353 added 12-21-2022 8:51 AM by party4lif6 in Deal Talk
LOL, the shed is the cabinet! :lmao:
Post #160489369 added 12-21-2022 8:16 AM by nmum in Deal Talk
I got the Harbor Freight version of this. Based on pics and reviews it looked pretty much the same as the one from Lowes (Blue Hawk?). Probably all come from the same manufacturer. It's not bad,...
Post #160488592 added 12-21-2022 7:47 AM by hunter44102 in Deal Talk
Ok sure. My point was that it just looks ugly and seems much better to put things away in a cabinet so the garage or shed looks clean. I could see this in a shop where people use the items all day...
Post #160486543 added 12-21-2022 6:22 AM by Edxzxz in Deal Talk
It's been up there 20 years, so thanks for your concern, but shovels and rakes aren't as heavy as it seems you're imagining.
Post #160486129 added 12-21-2022 6:04 AM by party4lif6 in Deal Talk
:confused: Do you not realize other people could have different preferences and scenarios? For example, I have a large shed... why would I want a "tall cabinet" to store my equipment? OR, my garage...
Post #160485718 added 12-21-2022 5:42 AM by Yoreciv in Deal Talk
putting all your stuff away is inefficient and contributes to procrastination.
Post #160485178 added 12-21-2022 5:08 AM by glenatuf in Deal Talk
Need a deal on a trash can now. And a pic of your setup :)
Post #160485133 added 12-21-2022 5:03 AM by Blade2000 in Deal Talk
This thing is weak plastic. Sucks.
Post #160480192 added 12-20-2022 8:20 PM by jackc6900 in Deal Talk
I picked up one of those old school galvanized trash cans. I put it in the corner of my garage and it nicely fits all my shovels, rakes, brooms, etc. Easy button.
Post #160478893 added 12-20-2022 7:27 PM by BuddyLove99 in Deal Talk
A peg board imo is good for smaller tools like hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, hardware bins, etc. Rail systems are good for yard tools
Post #160478842 added 12-20-2022 7:24 PM by BuddyLove99 in Deal Talk
Probably should have screwed that 2x4 in if u expect it to hold anything with a decent amount of weight.
Post #160477552 added 12-20-2022 6:34 PM by CleverField806 in Deal Talk
Get Gladiator gear track instead of this cheap flimsy version.
Post #160476844 added 12-20-2022 5:59 PM by Brohagen in Deal Talk
Do people still put up pegboard in their garages? My dad did it so I did it. Works great and cheap. But then you see products out like this.
Post #160473406 added 12-20-2022 3:32 PM by RyanD9477 in Deal Talk
Because I want to.
Post #160472692 added 12-20-2022 3:00 PM by SensibleApple3026 in Deal Talk
Or just nail two nails close enough together in order to support the head of the tool/s you're hanging. I have both in my garage.
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