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Post #161343385 added 01-29-2023 7:31 PM by klingon666 in Hot Deals
If you had to survive and this is all you found would you cry about NOW?
Post #161237254 added 01-24-2023 4:19 PM by madmax718 in Hot Deals
Gerber hatchets are pretty good but the slightly longer one is better for camp duties. As far as saws go, the silky saws have been the best I've used by far.
Post #161210305 added 01-23-2023 11:35 AM by yamsi12 in Hot Deals
Just got it in the mail today because why not….and yea I’d never take it on a camping or backpacking trip. Stuff is comically bad. Will just use it around the house as a beater knife and hatchet....
Is there like some bot that trolls this site and gives one thumbs down to every post? 🥱
Post #161173342 added 01-21-2023 11:55 AM by WindRider188 in Hot Deals
if for Camping Survival Tool Kit- I would rather get a folding saw instead of cheap hatchet. I got myself a Bahco Foldable Saw & Knife Laplander Set instead.
I have a hatchet just like this. It's fun for throwing into a pallet in my back yard. Not too much else.
Post #161146666 added 01-20-2023 6:34 AM by boosterjm in Hot Deals
Why would it not be relevant or useful for a backpacking trip?
Post #161139043 added 01-19-2023 6:15 PM by underworldtaker in Hot Deals
I own this bought it at full price 2 years ago and I've gotten plenty of use out of the knife, the flash light and the fire striker during camping trips,the hatchet is pretty bad ass I keep it in my...
Post #161135233 added 01-19-2023 3:15 PM by SumDuud in Hot Deals
define good. I'd use this stuff for some basic camp setup at a campground or firepit but I'd never take it on a backpacking trip.
Post #161123722 added 01-19-2023 7:25 AM by Amazingseed in Hot Deals
Where is my damn bread knife? Totally unacceptable.
Post #161123329 added 01-19-2023 7:02 AM by ikonoklast in Hot Deals
Just say no to paracord handles.
Post #161123212 added 01-19-2023 6:57 AM by boosterjm in Hot Deals
I ordered the one you recommended for $18. Hope it is good.
Post #161102917 added 01-18-2023 9:39 AM by chaoticz in Hot Deals Has more stuff and a sharpener for 5 bucks more if you're interested
Post #161090821 added 01-17-2023 5:59 PM by Examiner44 in Hot Deals
The best use for this hatchet is to bury it.
Post #161090632 added 01-17-2023 5:46 PM by majorhavoc in Hot Deals
Soon as I figure out how to mount a red dot sight on my hatchet, I'll show you tactical.:lol:
Post #161084866 added 01-17-2023 1:19 PM by kida182001 in Hot Deals
Surprised the word “tactical” is nowhere to be seen.
Post #161083744 added 01-17-2023 12:36 PM by BradFang in Hot Deals
Show him the hatchet. He'll play.
Post #161081488 added 01-17-2023 11:13 AM by majorhavoc in Hot Deals
Thank you very much for such pithy wisdom! I'm adding to my list of aphorisms like: You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him play water polo.
Post #161075995 added 01-17-2023 7:35 AM by BradFang in Hot Deals
Your pops is a wise man. It's better to have a hatchet in your garage when you don't need it then to not have a hatchet in your garage when you don't need it.
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