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Post #161610385 added 02-09-2023 4:25 PM by Knightshade in Hot Deals
They do. An MR card is an MR card, regardless of having a fee or not. This is unlike others like Chase that require a paid card to do point transfers.
Post #161610331 added 02-09-2023 4:22 PM by SixDeal in Hot Deals
Are you sure? I think they don’t transfer to free card
Post #161149792 added 01-20-2023 9:04 AM by cheapchips in Hot Deals
nothing useful to add for the value of the points transfer but... Flying Hawaiian to Hawaii is THE BEST!
Post #161149117 added 01-20-2023 8:36 AM by ms123 in Hot Deals
Have 80k points. Is there a good way to redeem for international flights?
Post #161138815 added 01-19-2023 6:04 PM by polesnzeros in Hot Deals
I hadn't thought of that. There are free cards which offer MR ? EDIT: Found it, nvm. Amex everyday.
Post #161133943 added 01-19-2023 2:12 PM by supreme_poor_hobo in Hot Deals
only if u want to island hop. its the only time I would use Hawaiian Airlines. everything else is horrible.
Post #161131660 added 01-19-2023 12:34 PM by pr1nyc1 in Hot Deals
My understanding with conversions is that the value of the points is recognized at the point where you convert the ticket price in dollars of the hotel/airfare to the ticket price in points. Not when...
Post #161117155 added 01-18-2023 8:08 PM by Mattacks in Hot Deals
While i agree that I would want the 1.5x, Delta 1:1 is not a better value. Their miles don't go nearly as far. If Hawaiian has a route that you want to do, this can be decent if you're in a hurry....
Post #161115751 added 01-18-2023 6:55 PM by eCentric in Hot Deals
Why not downgrade to a free card to save your points?
Post #161108704 added 01-18-2023 1:47 PM by polesnzeros in Hot Deals
Am looking to close my Amex card and transfer the points before. If this is not a good value, anybody have suggestions for a better transfer partner?
Post #161106823 added 01-18-2023 12:25 PM by syrjoe in Hot Deals
Agree. Flights to Hawaii, at least from the West coast, are sometimes good to redeem via Hawaiian, sometimes fewer miles through Alaska or United.
Post #161106787 added 01-18-2023 12:23 PM by quinn44 in Hot Deals
for those not into point farming/usage, this is not a good value at all.
Post #161104561 added 01-18-2023 10:50 AM by Hotwheel in Hot Deals
1.5 x would make this a good deal. 1.2 x is just poor way to redeem your MR points. Heck, even 1:1 delta gives better value than this.
Post #161103733 added 01-18-2023 10:10 AM by kayak1 in Hot Deals
Not unless you have a planned redemption right now.
Post #161101564 added 01-18-2023 8:44 AM by JamesP8983 in Hot Deals
I dont know much about the Hawaiian Airlines. Would you say this is a good(cost efficient) way to use up my MR points?
Post #161076364 added 01-17-2023 7:51 AM by TopFlight in Hot Deals
American Express Membership Rewards (Amex Offers) is currently offering 20% bonus Transfer Points to Hawaiian Airlines. Must login to view. 1,000 Amex Points --> 1,200 Hawaiian Airline Points ...

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