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Post #161336239 added 01-29-2023 11:45 AM by SpyroS in Hot Deals
Btw bought them locally for $1.97 that 10 cents each. I didn't expect them to be dimmable. Even though probably Chinese they are GE's and packed very well.
Post #161281642 added 01-26-2023 4:52 PM by bluehippo in Hot Deals
Anyone know what is lowe's policy on clearance? How long does it sit before next level of clearance? Still plenty of stock left.
Post #161238667 added 01-24-2023 5:33 PM by NavyWallaby579 in Hot Deals
I put in an order for 30 cases @ $1.97 each just because my buddy bet me they wouldn't fill it. I now have 600 light bulbs that I bought for $59.10 and nothing to do with them. Filled up my entire...
Post #161210029 added 01-23-2023 11:23 AM by Paulinator in Hot Deals
they are already for sale on offerup, some guy bought a pallet in north ft worth, and hes trying to sell them for $1 a bulb
Post #161186914 added 01-22-2023 8:06 AM by hoardin in Hot Deals
CRI 80 if that matters to you
Post #161171971 added 01-21-2023 10:46 AM by 1BadBoy in Hot Deals
650 lumens? Likely closer to a 45 watt equivalent.
Post #161143807 added 01-20-2023 12:13 AM by EverettM1119 in Hot Deals
It depends on your environment. I got my first LED Philips Hue bulbs 10 years ago, and they’re all still working. Those are standard A19 bulbs in lamps though… with down lights (like these),...
Post #161139808 added 01-19-2023 6:59 PM by ShrewdBird7293 in Hot Deals
I feel your pain, its tough being a reformed convict used to the prison lighting over your bed and having to deal with that relaxing soft lit bedroom lighting on the outside. But in seriousness,...
Post #161138752 added 01-19-2023 6:01 PM by El-Burro in Hot Deals
These are very yellow (27K) not white.
Post #161136091 added 01-19-2023 3:59 PM by themoneyguy in Hot Deals
PAR bulbs have narrow beam compared to BR bulbs. I personally prefer BR bulbs for inside house use.
Post #161130568 added 01-19-2023 11:51 AM by Chenago in Hot Deals
Been waiting for a deal on LEDs. Don't need dimmable bulbs. Thx LED 65-Watt EQ LED Br30 Soft White Medium Base (e-26) Flood Light Bulb (20-Pack) Item #: 1914950 |Model #: 93128946 Unit Price...
Post #161123443 added 01-19-2023 7:08 AM by timobkg in Hot Deals
That sounds like an issue with your bulbs or your electrical system (wiring, fixtures, switches). I've had cheap no-name Chinese LED bulbs off Amazon die on me after a year or two, but all the name...
Post #161116018 added 01-18-2023 7:06 PM by samsen in Hot Deals
Every time I refresh and check my cart, it's a few dollars more without any item added! Then some are still store pick up. The total of Ship to home is enough to qualify for free home shipping as...
Post #161114989 added 01-18-2023 6:23 PM by samsen in Hot Deals
I get this message: This item is restricted from delivery to your area Please remove to continue Guess this has harmful material for California but not the rest of the world! As always... We...
Post #161113543 added 01-18-2023 5:16 PM by willnpc in Hot Deals
I should unfollow these Lowes deals....Never in my area...ever
Post #161111713 added 01-18-2023 3:53 PM by sega in Hot Deals
They didn't tell me, but the cashier called their manager and he told me that they will have to send all their stock back to the warehouse. Sounded fishy, but they didn't budge and couldn't sell the...
Post #161110942 added 01-18-2023 3:17 PM by AceInTheOney in Hot Deals
Not mine but here's the Brickseek for anyone checking
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