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Post #161161966 added 01-20-2023 7:21 PM by AlbertoM in Hot Deals
The Neca TMNT movie figures are probably the best sculpts Neca’s ever made. The 1/4 scale of these have even more detail and are stunning displays at that size.
Post #161158810 added 01-20-2023 4:01 PM by OrangeCorn227 in Hot Deals
This is not-canon. When Donatello attempts to fight Shredder solo, he is thrown into some electronic machinery and shocked into unconsciousness.
Post #161149387 added 01-20-2023 8:47 AM by Misterdobalina in Hot Deals
All four turtles, Shredder, Splinter, and the van. $44 bucks. Sorry OP this is not a...
Post #161149309 added 01-20-2023 8:45 AM by Misterdobalina in Hot Deals
I recently bought similar from walmart with the cardboard van, all four turtles, Shredder, and Splinter for my daughter. 44 bucks and a better deal than this
Post #161146594 added 01-20-2023 6:31 AM by MichaelM6851 in Hot Deals
No. All 4 were main dudes lol. IF we HAD to pick ONE? Michelangelo.
Post #161142544 added 01-19-2023 9:51 PM by sc2 in Hot Deals
I love original TMNT as much as any kid who saw them as a kid, but those look so ugly for their price tag. They look like they should be $5 each tops. No way $23, or the ridiculous $50 MSRP. And I...
Post #161141968 added 01-19-2023 9:11 PM by DontBreakMy20 in Hot Deals
Got my son Leonardo and Raphael sets over the holidays. He is about to turn 5. He isn't playing with them for some reason but is asking for the other two sets. I think these are great...maybe they'll...
Post #161141059 added 01-19-2023 8:10 PM by Vamatt99218 in Hot Deals
Would this entertain a 5 year old boy?
Post #161138773 added 01-19-2023 6:02 PM by Nick04263 in Hot Deals
I'm buying these for a shelf display but wish I had seen the TMNT origin film figures by Neca. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figure Like the look of these and the...
Post #161137654 added 01-19-2023 5:12 PM by XGO7 in Hot Deals
Because Donatello is the least popular turtle. So you include Shredder (The most popular villian) so that consumers will need to purchase all of them. If you put Leo and Shredder, you might only need...
Post #161137303 added 01-19-2023 5:01 PM by the_ENEMY_ in Hot Deals
im not a fan of the way these look. not close enough to the cartoon, not close enough to the old figures or detailed as the ones from about a decade ago, they just look kinda cheapo
Post #161134675 added 01-19-2023 2:51 PM by kevlarkevlar in Hot Deals
Makes me hungry for pizza
Post #161132947 added 01-19-2023 1:29 PM by darkxss in Hot Deals
That’s the saddest story I’ve heard lol. Maybe you should try that now with something if theirs!
Post #161132854 added 01-19-2023 1:26 PM by DontBreakMy20 in Hot Deals
And the other guy is a party duuuuude
Post #161130793 added 01-19-2023 11:59 AM by XGO7 in Hot Deals
I bought these for my son for Christmas. They look really nice, but they aren't like the toys we used to have as kids. They are almost meant more for display than they are for playing. They come with...
Post #161130652 added 01-19-2023 11:55 AM by CheekyKunta in Hot Deals
because he does machines
Post #161127904 added 01-19-2023 10:06 AM by BrutusBeefcake in Hot Deals
This is SlickDeals, we don't pay inflated 3rd party pricing. Wal-Mart is the same price:
Post #161127622 added 01-19-2023 9:54 AM by redbum in Hot Deals
3rd party sellers are listing them around $50-60
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