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Post #161328487 added 01-28-2023 11:45 PM by nyczalex in Deal Talk
WIsh same thing to fly from NYC
Post #161324506 added 01-28-2023 6:53 PM by TekkenLord in Deal Talk
That's fine if you think it is, but I know one thing for sure is my mom won't be coming back there anytime soon by herself.
Post #161321908 added 01-28-2023 4:18 PM by SaintsPels in Deal Talk
This sounds so fake LOL.... throw passport in the trash? give me a break. My sister has been going there every 2 years for the past 10 years and her mother in law goes back twice a year (she's 86...
Post #161298568 added 01-27-2023 11:30 AM by alanSJ in Deal Talk
I'm complaining about the corruption of VN customs agents that's still going on today. Whether you pay $1 or $100 or more makes no difference. Customs agents asking for coffee money is corruption,...
Post #161287351 added 01-26-2023 11:31 PM by Importdude in Deal Talk
If you a VK older over 40+ bark back at them If you are American born Viet you "only understand english" Another tip is before leaving and walking out thru scanners, walk slowly and follow...
Post #161267608 added 01-26-2023 6:19 AM by TekkenLord in Deal Talk
5 years ago, my mom passport was tossed in the trash cause she refused to pay the coffee money. A janitor later found it in a garbage can nearby, and returned it to my mom. She was extremely lucky...
Post #161267542 added 01-26-2023 6:16 AM by JollyJuice3134 in Deal Talk
Early 2000? Yea, those time were bad. But it’s 2022 now. Nothing like 2000. Can’t compare from 20 years ago to now.
Post #161267503 added 01-26-2023 6:14 AM by JollyJuice3134 in Deal Talk
Would you rather pay $75 for each phone or $100 for all 10 phone? I would have done the same thing.
Post #161265445 added 01-26-2023 2:25 AM by kabloomz in Deal Talk
Lmao look at this guy... Talks a lot of smack about not bribing customs... Ends up bribing customs... Why didn't you refuse bribing them to see how far you get with those 10 phones... Oh wait...
Post #161262979 added 01-25-2023 8:53 PM by tuan2 in Deal Talk
You have no leverage against their 10 tons of pull. I went back in early 2000 and this was really bad. The airline misplaced my luggage on the wrong plane. I paid them for the day then came back to...
Post #161262934 added 01-25-2023 8:49 PM by phoshizzlez in Deal Talk
I just went back this past Nov-Dec and went from North to middle and to South, I asked the people in both of the regions and they don't even care what's it called and most just call it Saigon still...
Post #161262871 added 01-25-2023 8:43 PM by JollyJuice3134 in Deal Talk
$5 and you are complaining all this time?
Post #161262385 added 01-25-2023 8:18 PM by alanSJ in Deal Talk
I gave them $5 just to get them off my ass! Lol.
Post #161256622 added 01-25-2023 2:41 PM by SkyKing02 in Deal Talk
are they holding you for an hour? hell no, if they can't get anything from you. Then they'll move to the next group. I took videos in the immigrant area and they didn't do shit to me. Don't let a few...
Post #161256271 added 01-25-2023 2:25 PM by alanSJ in Deal Talk
You are correct. You're not forced to pay anything. They ask for money, but you don't have to pay if you're willing to wait for them to take their sweet ass time searching your luggage. I'm sure they...
Post #161256217 added 01-25-2023 2:21 PM by crazymonkey1208 in Deal Talk
Much to the contrary, US customs ships you to a "red" area and gives you free phones and SS 🙄
Post #161254105 added 01-25-2023 12:35 PM by SkyKing02 in Deal Talk
try it again at night time.
Post #161253079 added 01-25-2023 11:47 AM by casret in Deal Talk
Anyone actually get this deal to work? Anytime I find a $660 fare and click on it, it jumps up in price.
Post #161250976 added 01-25-2023 10:18 AM by SkyKing02 in Deal Talk
nobody is forcing you to pay anything. like the other person said, take out your phone and record everything. let's see how fast you can get out.
Post #161250913 added 01-25-2023 10:16 AM by SkyKing02 in Deal Talk
what if you don't pay them? they are going to bring you in the back and beat the shit out of you? let me guess....bring a ton of electronic? so you are not tired from flying 24hrs + back to the...
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