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Post #161368744 added 01-31-2023 2:09 AM by NIL8retail4uNme in Deal Talk
KIND Healthy Grains Bars Drizzled, Milk Chocolate Chunk, Gluten Free, 1.2 Oz, (8 Pack), 40Count[
Post #161208532 added 01-23-2023 10:15 AM by Gnomeslayer in Deal Talk
Personally I appreciate those folks, I'm trying to be healthy but sometimes it isn't easy. It's helpful for me when folks can point out things I might be missing, then I can decide for myself whether...
Post #161208319 added 01-23-2023 10:03 AM by ACEleven in Deal Talk
And we're glad that you check the labels before you eat something, which is what all diabetics should do. I'm sure you're very capable of choosing what to put in your stomach, just like the rest of...
Post #161199091 added 01-22-2023 8:15 PM by kenmikec in Deal Talk I did another order on a different account and it...
Post #161198305 added 01-22-2023 7:31 PM by eegorr in Deal Talk
I bought some of these a couple of weeks ago and the price is still the same ($10.19 OTP, $9.68 S&S) : KIND Bars, Caramel Almond & Sea Salt, Healthy Snacks, Gluten Free, Low Sugar, 6g Protein, 12...
Post #161188123 added 01-22-2023 9:06 AM by Turbotalon in Deal Talk
A fun size Snickers is like 0.6oz. That's not even a fair comparison. The minis are 20g and 5/6g sugar compared to your fun size Snickers, which is 17g and 9g sugar...
Post #161188063 added 01-22-2023 9:04 AM by Turbotalon in Deal Talk
Yes I was sad it was one time use also 😭
Post #161186860 added 01-22-2023 8:04 AM by gabe23111 in Deal Talk
Thanks OP. Looks like coupon is one time use. I may have made my decision wiser lol. Kind bars are the only thing one of my kids will eat for breakfast.
Post #161186509 added 01-22-2023 7:40 AM by Frankie251 in Deal Talk
I’m not a nutritionist but I am a diabetic, and for something marketed as a β€œhealthy” snack, these have a fair amount of sugar at 13 grams which is mostly added sugar. In comparison, a β€œfun sized,”...
Post #161180125 added 01-21-2023 6:50 PM by SoCalJack in Deal Talk
OMG, check the ingredients. These bars don’t contain 100% organic hand picked kale from a small farm in Ireland. How could you eat them??? πŸ˜‚
Post #161179327 added 01-21-2023 6:03 PM by busybugsy in Deal Talk
Post #161176240 added 01-21-2023 3:03 PM by bunojuno in Deal Talk
Amex ?
Post #161176123 added 01-21-2023 2:55 PM by kenmikec in Deal Talk
Awesome. Combined with Amex 30% and got 60 for 10.34
Post #161175214 added 01-21-2023 1:53 PM by gabate3863 in Deal Talk
And 90% of the time it's pseudoscientific, unfounded nonsense.
Post #161175016 added 01-21-2023 1:41 PM by Kalamidad2 in Deal Talk
I thought KND bars price themselves for being good and healthy for you. Did I miss understand the branding?
Post #161174443 added 01-21-2023 12:59 PM by Shuyin in Deal Talk
Agree but being aware of bad or potentially bad things in your food is a good thing.
Post #161174083 added 01-21-2023 12:38 PM by kukblue1 in Deal Talk
Could I please get one thing with milk chocolate
Post #161174014 added 01-21-2023 12:32 PM by Sarisin48 in Deal Talk
I think these are pretty good. I ordered 144 of the mini version of these from Meh for $29.99. Cost aside I really like the small size mini bars, but I have to say these cranberry almond ones are one...
Post #161173792 added 01-21-2023 12:18 PM by MatthewD9954 in Deal Talk
Every grocery item has some part time nutritionist with a snarky comment about whatever bad ingredient is in the product.
Post #161173177 added 01-21-2023 11:45 AM by sechs in Deal Talk
If you're going to be eating them sooner rather than later, check what's available from Warehouse deals
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