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Post #161448052 added 02-03-2023 7:02 AM by AaronG6406 in Deal Talk
Is this deal dead? I don't see 278 round trip for any of those dates.
Post #161360977 added 01-30-2023 3:33 PM by matt151617 in Deal Talk
Not true. 40% of Americans have passports.
Post #161343307 added 01-29-2023 7:27 PM by mike93704 in Deal Talk
It appears you get a free carry-on unless you book an "Economy Light" fare. If you plan to bring a carry-on and/or checked baggage, it may be better to pay the extra $100 for Regular Economy for the...
Post #161342101 added 01-29-2023 6:06 PM by AlexK6706 in Deal Talk
Says the guy who never traveled internationally. Otherwise you'd know that 1 night in Vermont in high season costs the same as 7 day vacation in Nice.
Post #161334895 added 01-29-2023 10:34 AM by Mattacks in Deal Talk
Since ANA switched their early 787s to a nine across seating configuration, I'm not aware of an airline that has an eight across on one. It was originally designed for 8 across, and would be decently...
Post #161329165 added 01-29-2023 2:35 AM by elGator in Deal Talk
This article says 37% do have. I.e. only 63% does not. About the price-tag, I'd...
Post #161329114 added 01-29-2023 2:19 AM by elGator in Deal Talk
Actually Göteborg is not far away from Oslo. And while Norse is not that hard (I'd say A1 in Bokmal Norse can be reached in a month of study on your phone on coffee breaks and morning WC), what you...
Post #161327128 added 01-28-2023 9:30 PM by oopl in Deal Talk
When I see this airline I'm always reminded of Tenet.
Post #161324374 added 01-28-2023 6:44 PM by RedPandas in Deal Talk
They have lots of dates sprinkled throughout from now until mid-May. Then again in late-Aug through Oct. Won’t be everyday, just went the plane isn’t very full yet (or other factors). With no idea...
Post #161324293 added 01-28-2023 6:37 PM by RedPandas in Deal Talk
Correct, as noted on their website.
Post #161315455 added 01-28-2023 9:37 AM by rafi33023 in Deal Talk
Has anyone been able to book at this prices, I have tried several combination of the dates, everything is $500 and up.
I'd imagine the personal item is free? I usually take a backpacks worth on frontier.
Post #161265268 added 01-26-2023 1:35 AM by crg5980 in Deal Talk
Yes something like 80% of Americans have no passport. Mostly because of the size and relative isolation of US that make it extremely expensive to travel internationally for a large portion of...
Post #161265253 added 01-26-2023 1:32 AM by crg5980 in Deal Talk
Great deal to get there. If you are staying in Oslo be prepared to spend some serious money as it is quite expensive.
Post #161256451 added 01-25-2023 2:34 PM by jochfr in Deal Talk
$373.42 traveling light af. "Economy Light" no bags
Post #161251114 added 01-25-2023 10:24 AM by Zoeboe in Deal Talk
Formerly Norwegian Air right? Hard pass.
Post #161249071 added 01-25-2023 8:58 AM by Putin in Deal Talk
FLL - OSL round trip usually around $450. But sure it is a good deal if one can plan way in advance.
Post #161247439 added 01-25-2023 7:35 AM by jazyje in Deal Talk
Yeah, I agree. Re- traveling out of your home state I guess it depends on where you live. I can see not 'having to' really leave Cali, Florida, or say Texas when you're young since these are pretty...
Post #161246512 added 01-25-2023 6:49 AM by actualfactual in Deal Talk
International travel is expensive. Passports aren't free and require a bit of effort. If someone never plans on leaving the country they have no use for a passport that 80% number doesn't sound off...
Post #161246209 added 01-25-2023 6:29 AM by DavidM5350 in Deal Talk
Carry on - $45 Check-in - $70 Seat selection - from $25 (rear middle seat) to $120 (exit row)
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