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Post #161311783 added 01-28-2023 5:51 AM by slackinormackin in Deal Talk
Twin line ftw
Post #161311501 added 01-28-2023 5:26 AM by starcaptor in Deal Talk
These are tough, but they aren't rip-proof. I use the twin line variety for this exact reason. If you have a very stubborn piece of debris stuck between your molars, esp a piece of bone, you could go...
Post #161309647 added 01-27-2023 11:18 PM by FancyLeopard in Deal Talk
I usually get a 60 pack for $1 of the cheap stuff. So 300 for $5. An extra 0.35 for quality stuff ain't bad. Thanks
Post #161308174 added 01-27-2023 8:28 PM by jeffzellers in Deal Talk
I know you won't believe me but try for yourself. Eat some cheese puffs and try to get your teeth clean with these. Then follow up with regular floss. It will open your eyes.
Post #161296411 added 01-27-2023 10:10 AM by Tnyc in Deal Talk
Yes... But wouldn't it be "cleaner" to use a clean section of a dental floss to floss between teeth than just one dental pick?
Post #161294404 added 01-27-2023 8:59 AM by np1050 in Deal Talk
There's plenty of those to pick from. I use one from quip, works well
Post #161294176 added 01-27-2023 8:51 AM by np1050 in Deal Talk
If you're trying to cut down on plastic waste, a reusable floss pick will do the same job, and it's a lot cheaper to own long term. After a year of use, the reusable pick will pay for itself
Post #161291992 added 01-27-2023 7:33 AM by LavenderRiver5516 in Deal Talk
That’s false information. Your mouth is a closed environment. Bacteria are already spreading everywhere in it. As long as you still brush and rinse afterwards, you are gonna be just fine.
Post #161289472 added 01-27-2023 5:23 AM by thenightcat in Deal Talk
There are reusable ones. Just do a search for floss handle.
Post #161287864 added 01-27-2023 1:01 AM by heruka in Deal Talk
If these don't fit in between your teeth (they don't for me) I recommend trying the ones currently branded as Amazon Basics Solimo. That's almost the only one that works for me. Amazon Brand -...
Post #161284300 added 01-26-2023 7:27 PM by Tnyc in Deal Talk
So with these floss picks, aren't people just spreading the bacteria and food particles around because they are more than likely using just one to floss your entire mouth? When I use string floss, I...
Post #161279962 added 01-26-2023 3:15 PM by DH4492 in Deal Talk
I reuse them once or twice. They're very durable. At home I just dip in alcohol to sanitize, and on the road I'll just rub a drop of hand sanitizer on it and wipe it off. Honestly, you could probably...
Post #161276722 added 01-26-2023 12:43 PM by splunk in Deal Talk
What is the mint flavored death preservative?
Post #161269327 added 01-26-2023 7:44 AM by veeRob in Deal Talk
I hold it in.
Post #161266039 added 01-26-2023 4:10 AM by darkxss in Deal Talk
Wish there was a reusable one. Something that you could change out the string.
Post #161265661 added 01-26-2023 3:18 AM by ak1 in Deal Talk
your s*** still will dump the plastic waste somewhere
Post #161262925 added 01-25-2023 8:47 PM by bargainleecher in Deal Talk
They are available as 60 pack so these are actually a better deal by meh 90 cents for 300 vs 60 x 5 = 6.25. Less if you have 15% s&s
Post #161259529 added 01-25-2023 5:27 PM by ElCheaperino in Deal Talk
These are at the Dollar Twenty-Five Tree
Post #161255074 added 01-25-2023 1:20 PM by briandy in Deal Talk
This is not e deal but just staff pushing Amazon stuff in higher prices! lame! Ohh, yes, I bought it in August 2022 for $3.42. That was a deal! Staff, stop posting shill!
Post #161244526 added 01-25-2023 3:54 AM by veeRob in Deal Talk
That's why I eat them when I'm done flossing.
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