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Post #161414473 added 02-01-2023 6:17 PM by 1dawright1 in Deal Talk
👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾 thank you
Post #161352472 added 01-30-2023 9:09 AM by MorphWS6 in Deal Talk
I got the GSP 670s and sent them back. I could not get them to sound good no matter how much tuning I did in the Epos software. I think their software is to blame. Almost every setting sounded the...
Post #161308669 added 01-27-2023 9:18 PM by goldchocobo in Deal Talk
Thanks I got it today, and it's so confusing which model it is, since Woot didn't specify. But this model is the 2019 Kraken version, aka "3rd generation Kraken," aka the ‎RZ04-02830500-R3U1, aka...
Post #161305891 added 01-27-2023 6:03 PM by jay-zala in Deal Talk
Got my GSP 670's today. Love them at $120. I wouldn't buy them at their original price at $350 though. They sound really good, well balanced for a gaming headset. The best gaming headset I've...
Post #161286088 added 01-26-2023 9:28 PM by FullStashMcNash in Deal Talk
I bought three 300 not that long ago, with a sound card they sound decent, they don't seem to handle lows well and the microphone does ok given you have a noise cancelling option on your sound card....
Post #161275453 added 01-26-2023 11:46 AM by RichSavings in Deal Talk
Dang the $19.99 ones got sold out real quick. People came up on that deal like piranhas eating a cow in the Amazon.
Post #161271427 added 01-26-2023 9:04 AM by rachleff in Deal Talk
sold out. bummer
Post #161271052 added 01-26-2023 8:49 AM by jaeun87 in Deal Talk
I know it's nitpicky, but I wish these devices would all charge through USB C (the 670 has a micro USB port). Not a dealbreaker but not ideal either. Saw reviews saying that the wireless range is not...
Post #161270755 added 01-26-2023 8:35 AM by Trikat in Deal Talk
My Game One from Jan 2016 are working perfectly / no wear, but I only use it here and there. Such a great headset.
Post #161270017 added 01-26-2023 8:10 AM by CheapyDinglebop in Deal Talk
My Sennheiser Game Ones from 2017 are still working. The volume knob causes a little bit of noise while moving it, the foam covering is not in the best shape (but replaceable), and the swing away...
Post #161269936 added 01-26-2023 8:07 AM by CoolLocket481 in Deal Talk
Woot provides free shipping if you are Amazon prime member
Post #161269642 added 01-26-2023 7:55 AM by joebob2000 in Deal Talk
Ive had bad luck with anything sennheiser that wasnt business grade (like the $250 headset my company got me). Im going to try the JBL quantum 200 for $55
Post #161269333 added 01-26-2023 7:44 AM by Sabs212 in Deal Talk
I've had the GSP 300's for years and they're great for the price if you want closed-back (block outside sounds). The flip-to-mute mic and volume dial are nice. They're lightweight and comfortable for...
Post #161268820 added 01-26-2023 7:20 AM by Simander in Deal Talk
I’ve had these for over a year they are perfectly fine especially for this price.
Post #161267098 added 01-26-2023 5:46 AM by oscarn8574 in Deal Talk
these are great headphones, especially the open backs!
Post #161267014 added 01-26-2023 5:39 AM by FuschiaBird1756 in Deal Talk
I’d say yes and no on this. Spend a little more on good quality Sennheiser music headphones and they’re hard to beat other than their premium line Neumann. Plenty of higher end senns but you will pay...
Post #161266867 added 01-26-2023 5:26 AM by samfromny in Deal Talk
Sennheiser is a great brand but there are entry level to premium models. My wireless is phenomenal for music and talking but is not for gaming. It also cost SUBSTANIALLY more than this models list
Post #161266741 added 01-26-2023 5:17 AM by flangomango in Deal Talk
Would this work for work, like zoom and teams?
Post #161266462 added 01-26-2023 4:56 AM by DeProof in Deal Talk
No, but you can buy an adapter and use any headphones then.
Post #161265397 added 01-26-2023 2:12 AM by dmad in Deal Talk
Any of these come with 1/4 inch audio jack that I can use on piano?
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