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:lmao: Good stuff. Wish-listed! Thanks!
How about a game when you're a bunch of bunnies doing manual labor while one bunny controls a giant robot overseer, but the other bunnies can squirrel away resources to try to take control away from...
Post #161904595 added 02-23-2023 10:19 PM by yongc3 in Free Digital Goods
Downloaded, thanks.
Post #161901802 added 02-23-2023 6:42 PM by ShushiiT in Free Digital Goods
let’s hope rtx remix will come soon!
Post #161899879 added 02-23-2023 4:44 PM by Sysop in Free Digital Goods
They're really not free to begin with since you pay for the Prime subscription, but otherwise what you're saying doesn't make much sense. I've gotten about 300 free games on Epic and they were in...
Why no link where to redeem this game? This deal is for codes not games without it
Post #161896735 added 02-23-2023 2:31 PM by Xamindar in Free Digital Goods
Yes but it's not worth the trouble. If the prime game doesn't come with a steam code, then it's not really free.
Post #161894926 added 02-23-2023 1:24 PM by Graffix in Free Digital Goods
Thanks for the heads up!
Thanks. I forgot about their new weekly giveaway format. I normally don't click on these deals to read the comments so I'm very fortunate to see your post today. Edit: When all games are...
All of the games are up now.
Bumping this thread... The two next games are there to claim!
Post #161506456 added 02-05-2023 11:49 AM by Intranetusa in Free Digital Goods
I meant to say Skywind, not Morroblivion, Morroblivion (Morrowind in Oblivion) has already been released. Skyblivion (Oblivion in Skyrim) currently has a release date of 2025. So maybe Skywind is...
A “few years” try a decade it’s like tarkov and will never leave beta
Thanks OP! Didn't have this on GOG yet.
The Skywind mod (Morrowind recreated in Skyrim) has been in development for a few years and will hopefully be released soon/in the next few years. I believe that mod requires you to have a legal copy...
Post #161455198 added 02-03-2023 11:47 AM by arizonan in Free Digital Goods
Morrowind. I always found the word funny, sounding like something I get when eating dairy products... or tacos. "Sorry... that was some morrow wind I passed..."
Ah, Morrowind. I have tried many-a-time to get into this game, but ultimately never got passed the beginning town for one reason or another. One thing worth noting is that there is an active project...
Post #161448991 added 02-03-2023 7:48 AM by Lukkie in Free Digital Goods
floating potions to skip all the way past that gate into red mountain lol semi old school gaming at its finest
Post #161448865 added 02-03-2023 7:42 AM by Cartman45 in Free Digital Goods
Theres a ton of lore in morrowwind . I typically read all the in-game books i can find. Just make sure to choose your factions wisely. I chose house redoran my first play thru on my old original xbox...
Love skyrim to death, never played this, excited to see what mod support is like!
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