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Post #162533548 added 03-25-2023 8:31 PM by springs113 in Hot Deals
Other than that smart ass answer... it allows for easier food storage. No need to be searching for food because organization is simply easier with an upright. Uprights also usually(don't quote...
Post #161533093 added 02-06-2023 12:54 PM by Phasers in Hot Deals
One is vertical, the other horizontal.
Post #161512714 added 02-05-2023 5:49 PM by Paigey in Hot Deals
How do standing freezers compare to freezer chests?
Post #161512198 added 02-05-2023 5:17 PM by sam_ay in Hot Deals
Could be, but you don't want to find out.
Post #161502631 added 02-05-2023 9:03 AM by NeinAdidas in Hot Deals
Dexter is that you?
Post #161468848 added 02-04-2023 5:40 AM by scronz in Hot Deals
Hav had mine in my garage for about a year now as a beer fridge. Been great
Post #161434318 added 02-02-2023 1:50 PM by EagerBorder7252 in Hot Deals
This looks exactly like the 11.4 bespoke column fridge except for the stainless steel door panels. This was a FP deal last year using stacking codes $360 and all purchases got a $125 refund...
Post #161392378 added 02-01-2023 12:30 AM by guruguru in Hot Deals
This is $630 now
Post #161378002 added 01-31-2023 10:58 AM by MrSkeptic in Hot Deals
Samsung = worst appliances. Worst brands: Best fridges (most suck, especially those with lots of bells and whistles and/or not made in the US):...
Post #161377912 added 01-31-2023 10:55 AM by GorG in Hot Deals
Is this frost free or manual?
Post #161370202 added 01-31-2023 5:20 AM by alimda in Hot Deals
For those who would like to know whether this is garage ready or not: This unit’s working temperature range: between 50°F (10°C ) and 110°F (43°C)
Post #161355589 added 01-30-2023 11:15 AM by danmc9 in Hot Deals
Garage ready, it has to be half that price
Post #161353408 added 01-30-2023 9:46 AM by qiankun in Hot Deals
As a freezer how does it compare to the Frigidaire 13 cu ft garage ready from HD? It's on sale too for $698 (not convertible though) ...
Post #161346709 added 01-30-2023 2:00 AM by johnt50 in Hot Deals
The primary reason people should pick this is you have a space with only 24” to 26” wide. If not, pick other models with higher cu. ft. with cheaper prices
Post #161346694 added 01-30-2023 1:56 AM by johnt50 in Hot Deals
Garage ready fridge have heater that, in a very cold weather, will warm up thermostat so that compressor will kick in. Without it, fridge/freezer will think it is cold enough and it will shut off.
Post #161338630 added 01-29-2023 2:16 PM by yashart in Hot Deals
which zip code had it for this price?
Post #161338096 added 01-29-2023 1:43 PM by vegeta77 in Hot Deals
It was $250 last week at HD. You just have to play around with the zip codes until the price pops up cheap.
Post #161336923 added 01-29-2023 12:28 PM by Phasers in Hot Deals
Yeah I’m using mine as a garage freezer
Post #161336800 added 01-29-2023 12:21 PM by Phasers in Hot Deals
Got this for $225 from Home Depot in November. No it’s not still active. Yes Home Depot had it for $699 at one point in December.
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