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Post #161641501 added 02-11-2023 7:52 AM by proskatersf90 in Hot Deals
Lol I don't get why it mentions steam deck. Maybe if it was a car charger it'd make sense
Post #161543635 added 02-06-2023 9:11 PM by 1wondershow in Hot Deals
So far it's working great for me. No slow power charging warnings
Post #161505565 added 02-05-2023 11:08 AM by lorto in Hot Deals
Got mine last night. Works great for my Steam Deck so the data rate must be high enough. Most compact charger to bring on a trip. The data and charging cable included is great. No popup saying slow...
Post #161494072 added 02-04-2023 8:57 PM by cgigate in Hot Deals
Not, certainly not. there are huge differences. Nowadays, all goes one direction to USB-C PD charger ...
Post #161486470 added 02-04-2023 3:04 PM by iamMaximus in Hot Deals
Do usb-c fast charge cables matter or are they all the same?
Post #161473198 added 02-04-2023 9:05 AM by cantalup in Hot Deals
Amazing pricr if support usb4 40gbps. If it is true. Usb 4 hub is not cheap as today
Post #161451778 added 02-03-2023 9:32 AM by cgigate in Hot Deals
the description says USB 4 Hub, but for USB-A , I guess it should only be on USB 3,. it should work with Macbook, buy one to test, If it does not work, return it
Post #161451088 added 02-03-2023 9:08 AM by sashTT in Hot Deals
I basically just interesting if it’s possible and if so what data transfer speed from type A installed flash drive in type A port between type c connected macbook?
Post #161406379 added 02-01-2023 12:48 PM by ViciousXUSMC in Hot Deals
First time ever seen this posted as a legit response and not satire lol
Post #161405575 added 02-01-2023 12:20 PM by cgigate in Hot Deals
First is Yes, it is a USB hub , the description says " supports the latest USB4 standard for up to 40Gbps of bandwidth" Last is No, it is typical "DP over USB-C", not work for type A No, it has...
Post #161404837 added 02-01-2023 11:54 AM by Dino65 in Hot Deals
Isn't this the rebranding of the old ravpower?
Post #161404015 added 02-01-2023 11:28 AM by Kaisei in Hot Deals
I concede to the fact that they were not using facial recognition on their servers but you’re incorrect in the fact that their only wrong doing was not having E2E encryption. Their statement said...
Post #161402968 added 02-01-2023 10:57 AM by sashTT in Hot Deals
Does it really work as a hub? How fast is Data transfer speed of this hub between type A flash drive and MacBook connected thru type C? And does type A transfers still works with running HDMI...
Post #161401789 added 02-01-2023 10:16 AM by Gergor in Hot Deals
Need something like this as a second Nintendo Switch dock. But it's almost $50 after tax and only 1 USB-A port (for controller). Still too expensive for that purpose.
Post #161401096 added 02-01-2023 9:51 AM by KMan in Hot Deals
It is irrelevant if the rest of the device is crap. I'm not saying that it is, and most likely it isn't (I just ordered a similar version w/o the HDMI, which I don't need). But some people suggested...
Post #161400991 added 02-01-2023 9:47 AM by cgigate in Hot Deals
the HDMI is very relevant , no other charger has the feature, it is pretty much worth the price . if you keep posting apple vs. orange . this one has HDMI ! others do NoT
Post #161400889 added 02-01-2023 9:44 AM by KMan in Hot Deals
I was responded to comments that suggested that as a 65W USB-C charger, this unit was not the greatest compared to others, and I gave an example of something that is highly rated but also more...
Post #161400802 added 02-01-2023 9:41 AM by KMan in Hot Deals
No, I mean of the implication that these "Paid SD Staff Influencers" are shills. I posted a Baseus deal yesterday and am not paid, SD staff or an "influencers". I'm just a guy who came across what...
Post #161400409 added 02-01-2023 9:28 AM by sarcasmogratis in Hot Deals
Proof of which part? Both are easily verifiable claims. On SD just search Baseus and you'll see the spike in posts of their stuff yesterday. On Amazon, click reviews and scroll: the Vine Voice...
Post #161400367 added 02-01-2023 9:26 AM by cgigate in Hot Deals
it does not have HDMI port, you compare apple with orange . This thread is the one has HDMI port as dock station which it is very rare to see
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