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Post #161569171 added 02-07-2023 10:54 PM by CoolAppliance545 in Hot Deals
Now at Acme: ​plus $10 off with coupon TOOLGUYD. Free shipping too 👍🏼
Post #161456437 added 02-03-2023 12:44 PM by gaamn114 in Hot Deals
back in stock at amazon
Post #161427868 added 02-02-2023 9:51 AM by firelikeiya in Hot Deals
I own this and the 12” sliding miter. I’ve used my 12” once since purchasing this a couple years back. This is one of my favorite tools. I paid around $175 tool only.
Post #161420797 added 02-02-2023 3:14 AM by brolly in Hot Deals
Dewalt needs to update this model already. Its been ages! Id sell my Milwaukee 7 1/4 if dewalt would just go dual bevel and brushless wouldnt hurt.
Post #161420611 added 02-02-2023 2:30 AM by qsilvertwo in Hot Deals
Just make sure you get one with perfectly aligned fences otherwise they are a single metal piece and non adjustable. Also make sure you get one with a plunge cut that isn't out of alignment of the...
Post #161420326 added 02-02-2023 1:17 AM by RobE. in Hot Deals
Great saw. My go-to unless I need to make larger capacity cuts. I have even cut schluter trim with it using a 60-tooth blade; works great.
Post #161415367 added 02-01-2023 7:04 PM by SharpCrib7335 in Hot Deals
I love this thing for the portability. Super easy to toss in the truck and set up on the small miter stand they sell. Really fast and lightweight for punch out and small jobs. It's single bevel but...
Post #161412748 added 02-01-2023 4:56 PM by Cheap_SOB in Hot Deals
I have the corded 12" double bevel, so I'm trying to justify getting this. If it was double bevel, I wouldn't hesitate. Home use with some custom wood working (night stand organizers, etc.).
Post #161412559 added 02-01-2023 4:49 PM by sc2tennessee in Hot Deals
I pulled the trigger at Lowes myself. I’m heavily invested in the Dewalt 20V ecosystem though. I don’t really need another 20V battery, but I suppose you can’t have too many. The kicker for me is the...
Post #161409955 added 02-01-2023 3:02 PM by Cheap_SOB in Hot Deals
Still $299 at Lowe's...
Post #161407372 added 02-01-2023 1:25 PM by billkater in Hot Deals
I got one on order...
Post #161406811 added 02-01-2023 1:04 PM by Nateng72 in Hot Deals
Metabo is formerly Hitachi. Makes solid tools....not the best, not the worst...just solid and reliable. As for this deal, no one here seemed to mind that this saw is brushed, not brushless...and a...
Post #161405131 added 02-01-2023 12:06 PM by sc2tennessee in Hot Deals
Nevermind. Found it! Thanks!
Post #161405089 added 02-01-2023 12:03 PM by sc2tennessee in Hot Deals
4aH battery included?
Post #161404933 added 02-01-2023 11:57 AM by normc321 in Hot Deals
Lowe’s has it for $299
Post #161404366 added 02-01-2023 11:40 AM by CalmPiranha554 in Hot Deals
Yes. It is dead already
Post #161404081 added 02-01-2023 11:30 AM by coolbag159 in Hot Deals
How about the brand Metabo miter saw?
Post #161404033 added 02-01-2023 11:28 AM by Travisio7 in Hot Deals
Dead already?
Post #161403970 added 02-01-2023 11:27 AM by sc2tennessee in Hot Deals
Seems to be dead. Any luck with anyone else? I have a 12” at the house but it’s just too much saw for me as a homeowner (space and size)
Post #161402878 added 02-01-2023 10:54 AM by paregoric in Hot Deals
if you are doing any serious production work w/ dozens of linear ft of trim, or many PT/GC cuts, do yourself a favor and get the corded model. also comes with a stand and is double bevel.
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