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Post #168919048 added 01-25-2024 8:08 PM by kenpet in Deal Talk
Post #165010277 added 07-31-2023 9:10 AM by OrangeNarwhal9724 in Deal Talk
Hey which country did you use it for
Post #164830028 added 07-21-2023 6:32 AM by avagyan in Deal Talk
Did anyone try to reactivate? There is a deal right now for S devices for active Fi users...
Post #164782019 added 07-18-2023 1:55 PM by avagyan in Deal Talk
Thanks, helped, chatted got moved to GV
Post #164698259 added 07-13-2023 6:21 PM by SamD4751 in Deal Talk
Just posting my own experience now that the 4 month period is over for me and I own the phone no strings attached. 1. I used a Google voice phone number and didn't pay anything to port it over. I...
Post #164654546 added 07-12-2023 10:12 AM by hpham_53 in Deal Talk
I've been using Tracfone service since 2000. I don't use my phone much, so a pay-as-you-go plan fits my needs. I did 7 Fi deals since March 2022 to last month but hardly used any Fi service during...
Post #164654168 added 07-12-2023 10:02 AM by fuffyk in Deal Talk
so what service are mostly people are opting for after google fi? i was using google fi $20 plan with tmobile free trial for data only(2nd time). whats a cheap plan. I use data 90% of the time...
Post #164472296 added 07-06-2023 7:46 AM by hpham_53 in Deal Talk
You probably have to call Fi for help. There used to be an option to port your Fi number back to GV but it's no longer there.
Post #164471261 added 07-06-2023 6:58 AM by avagyan in Deal Talk
What about google voice number? I've porter out from GV since the original number porting wasn't working for me and CS confirmed that GV would be fine, I have the earned credit already and 2 days...
Post #164434535 added 07-04-2023 11:38 AM by hpham_53 in Deal Talk
After selecting "Leave Google Fi", you have two options: Let Go Your Fi Number and your service will be cancelled right then, or Transfer To Another Provider and your service will stay active until...
Post #164433302 added 07-04-2023 10:33 AM by StellarDream in Deal Talk
Thanks. I found the "Leave Google Fi" option. BTW, do you have to have another carrier to port out to?
Post #164430668 added 07-04-2023 8:24 AM by kenyee in Deal Talk
They do have this in the have to go to manage plan. I just did this. Super happy with the S23Ultra...battery life is amazing 🙂
Post #164394800 added 07-02-2023 6:51 AM by nizmoz44 in Deal Talk
I followed the wiki instructions and all went well. Canceled today after it went to earned on column. Yay. Uninstalled the app and removed the sim.
Post #164375204 added 06-30-2023 7:59 PM by hpham_53 in Deal Talk
That's normal. Since any data used is billed the following month, data used in the 4th month is billed in the 5th bill. Then the 6th bill will show your balance after the 5th bill was paid. After the...
Post #164374943 added 06-30-2023 7:38 PM by harishperavali in Deal Talk
Service canceled Even after you've canceled service, you may receive up to 2 more bills to close out all your charges. Is this normal after cancelling service ?
Post #164357816 added 06-29-2023 7:57 PM by h0va4life in Deal Talk
I saw that one, but not anywhere as easy as this one. Spectrum requires you to have their internet thus meaning it has to be available to your area as well. Again my point was a deal on a phone...
Post #164353187 added 06-29-2023 2:55 PM by silentK in Deal Talk
Check out the spectrum s23 Ultra deal thread if you’re curious. People traded in junk phones for S23 base, traded that in for a S23 Ultra the very next day. Ended up being a Money Maker for a lot...
Post #164344538 added 06-29-2023 7:01 AM by hpham_53 in Deal Talk
Referral credits will be gone if the account is canceled. You can pause instead of cancel. More details about cancel/pause at the beginning of the Wiki.
Post #164344037 added 06-29-2023 6:30 AM by cstrac in Deal Talk
I have $20 referral credit that hasn't been used yet, any idea if I'll lose the credit if I cancel now? Could I pause service instead of canceling until the next bill comes in?
Post #164337329 added 06-28-2023 6:12 PM by hpham_53 in Deal Talk
Thanks for that info. I was contacted in May by a management staff of SD and asked for feedback/suggestions. I mentioned that users accessing the site by mobile devices couldn't see the attachments....
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