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Post #163875893 added Today 6:07 AM by hpham_53 in Deal Talk
You can put another provider's SIM in your S23U and use it instead of the Fi SIM that came witth the S23U. Put the Fi SIM away, but do not use that Fi SIM in another phone (which is what sarlo100 was...
Doesn't matter but since I now know answer I will share. After keeping my existing fi sim in s23u I discovered I just needed to have fi service active, not paused or canceled and after it was...
Post #163869755 added Yesterday 6:39 PM by hpham_53 in Deal Talk
I found some info but the account was closed in early Feb and the billing/credit info is no longer fully available (some download links no longer work). So I can't say for certain that the refund I...
Post #163865861 added Yesterday 2:02 PM by hpham_53 in Deal Talk
I got a refund for one of my Fi accounts two billing cycles after I canceled it. When I find my cc statement with the credit, I'll post it a picture of it.
Post #163862684 added Yesterday 10:31 AM by freshsqueezed in Deal Talk
Just to confirm, if I cancel my account and lose the phone number after I completed the 120 day requirement I will automatically be refunded the remaining trade-in credit? Thanks hpham
Post #163750721 added 05-29-2023 8:54 AM by Clone1008 in Deal Talk
That deal is limited in 2 major ways... 1. Spectrum isn't available to the masses like Google Fi was (especially when you didn't even have to use the service). 2. The Google Fi deal got the storage...
Post #163741763 added 05-28-2023 3:27 PM by silentK in Deal Talk
Maybe but most people pay for Wi-Fi anyway. Just having the deal available is a big plus just like people who were able to take advantage of the BB S22 deal last year.
Post #163741745 added 05-28-2023 3:26 PM by silentK in Deal Talk
I would gladly pay $50 to buy a Samsung A series and trade in for a $200 S23
Post #163741085 added 05-28-2023 2:28 PM by nizmoz44 in Deal Talk
We didn't need a trade in to get this deal. 😂
Post #163715312 added 05-26-2023 6:30 PM by hpham_53 in Deal Talk
They will pay for it indirectly through their Spectrum service. Spectrum is not available in my area anyway.
Post #163714913 added 05-26-2023 6:01 PM by silentK in Deal Talk
All the hoops to jump through to get this deal and people in the Spectrum S23 thread are just buying up as many Ultra’s as they want for $300 after trade in
Post #163714154 added 05-26-2023 5:07 PM by hpham_53 in Deal Talk
You can pause your service on the 121st day to preserve your unused referral credit. If you have any unused TRADE-IN credit, they will be refunded about 2 billing cycles after cancellation. One...
Post #163714088 added 05-26-2023 5:04 PM by hpham_53 in Deal Talk
I activated my S23 on Feb 23, my 121st day is June 24th. I should see the STAYED message early in the morning that day, before it disappears and the promo gets moved to the Earned column.
Post #163662992 added 05-24-2023 6:25 AM by Icemonkey in Deal Talk
Yes, but you will need to repause it after 90 days iirc. Might be a limit on pausing
Post #163659836 added 05-23-2023 10:36 PM by Husk3rPow3r in Deal Talk
Yep there were a few forums about it. Pretty surprised about it too
Post #163657220 added 05-23-2023 6:55 PM by abeshor in Deal Talk
When I hit the 120 days, can I just pause my service instead of canceling my line, I have 4 referal credits so I not expecting a refund if I cancel my line.
Post #163613954 added 05-21-2023 12:32 PM by FUBARz in Deal Talk
my 120th is June 24th, will check on the 25th to see if STAYED appears and disappears
Post #163612220 added 05-21-2023 10:31 AM by Icemonkey in Deal Talk
Geez, taxes in my state are crazy. Getting charged 30 dollars on a 20 dollar plan now. Was 25 last year
Post #163601072 added 05-20-2023 2:57 PM by Crazy8 in Deal Talk
Samsung Galaxy S23 was released on February 17, 2023. 120th day after release is June 17, 2023. Need to wait another month. I didn't receive mine until early March, so it would be early July for me...
Post #163600874 added 05-20-2023 2:40 PM by nizmoz44 in Deal Talk
Has anyone here hit their 120 days on this deal and confirmed all is good after canceling their Google Fi account? Asking specifically this s23 deal. Thanks.
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