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Post #161599945 added 02-09-2023 8:53 AM by mtnagel in Deal Talk
Got my cans today, but they were shipped with no packing materials to protect them so 2 cans were damaged and leaked all over the other cans. Complained to Amazon and got all my money back. This...
Post #161506717 added 02-05-2023 12:03 PM by stevo in Deal Talk
no coups
Post #161506261 added 02-05-2023 11:41 AM by Pzark41 in Deal Talk
Was just about to post this. Polar really is one of the worst offenders for this.
Post #161506129 added 02-05-2023 11:36 AM by Sandles8 in Deal Talk
No coupon for me. Never bought before.
Post #161506087 added 02-05-2023 11:34 AM by kellybrf in Deal Talk
seems dead
Post #161505871 added 02-05-2023 11:24 AM by eonaxes in Deal Talk
No coupon and never clipped any polar coupons on Amazon for me.
Post #161505853 added 02-05-2023 11:23 AM by Evan55 in Deal Talk
getting a 404 when trying to subscribe. thats a new one
Post #161505520 added 02-05-2023 11:06 AM by minifigg in Deal Talk
YMMV but it is our favorite. Tastes like a (watery) Raspberry Lime Rickey if you know what that is.
Post #161505481 added 02-05-2023 11:04 AM by dinhkorth in Deal Talk
I bought this last time it was on sale and it tastes terrible. I can’t even give it away. No one likes it.
Post #161505478 added 02-05-2023 11:04 AM by {PMS}fishy in Deal Talk
Mine came to $5.05. 5% S&S stacked with the 40%. Also no deposit, so thats another $1.20 off when I return the cans.
Post #161505460 added 02-05-2023 11:03 AM by steppedinit in Deal Talk
That is pretty slick. No deposit (CRV) for me either. Order Summary Items: $9.18 Shipping & handling: $0.00 Your Coupon Savings: -$3.21 Subscribe & Save: -$1.38 Total before tax: $4.59...
Post #161505346 added 02-05-2023 10:58 AM by shamash89 in Deal Talk
Wow, they don't charge deposit on these for whatever reason. So really, after you get that back, it's $3.11.
Post #161505241 added 02-05-2023 10:53 AM by bakerzdosen in Deal Talk
Worked for me. Thanks OP. Edit: my usual *buy* price is 25¢/can (pre-tax) so 22¢ a can is definitely doable.
Post #161505226 added 02-05-2023 10:52 AM by gardenbulb in Deal Talk
Thanks OP! My fave flavor and missed it a few weeks ago.
Post #161504602 added 02-05-2023 10:25 AM by electrobento in Deal Talk
Too much PFAS in this brand.
Post #161503816 added 02-05-2023 9:48 AM by deal240 in Deal Talk
No coupon. Never ordered this flavor before, so apparently each sku doesn't get it's own
Post #161503810 added 02-05-2023 9:48 AM by eyearesuv in Deal Talk
Very new england flavor. Like a raspberry lime Ricky. One of my favorite flavors after blueberry lemon.
Post #161503168 added 02-05-2023 9:25 AM by littlepigs in Deal Talk
Thanks for one.
Post #161502655 added 02-05-2023 9:04 AM by abstractj in Deal Talk
Only raspberry lime flavor. Is it good though? Don’t want to waste by buying 24 cans and not like the flavor.
Post #161501014 added 02-05-2023 7:53 AM by Rokket in Deal Talk
Once I logged in, I didn't have a coupon, either! But I bought this a few weeks ago at the same price. This deal's only for those who missed the earlier deals.
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