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Post #161693272 added 02-14-2023 4:29 AM by bladz1454 in Hot Deals
That's like saying salmon is the worst tasting fish bro... Zero value add comment.
Post #161593108 added 02-08-2023 11:12 PM by SKV4m in Hot Deals
Redbull is the worst tasting and most expensive energy drink. Monster Rosa is pretty good. Picked it up on the last deal and finished it up today.
Post #161567413 added 02-07-2023 8:34 PM by DHooz in Hot Deals
$2 more than last deal but beats local grocery stores’ price
Post #161564443 added 02-07-2023 6:06 PM by rage4order in Hot Deals
Wow! Thanks. I stand corrected. I'll have to keep an eye out for another deal like that.
Post #161561701 added 02-07-2023 3:50 PM by chunkydude in Hot Deals
i got 4 4packs from walgreens a couple months ago for $16 before tax. there was no limit but I'm not a redbull fan so I didn't get more. it was on slickdeals but I can find the link for it anymore....
Post #161559235 added 02-07-2023 1:52 PM by miaminemo in Hot Deals
Red bull tropical or go home. Rarely on sale. Sad.
Post #161556262 added 02-07-2023 11:46 AM by Loganw8624 in Hot Deals
Thanks! Jagerbomb time
Post #161555902 added 02-07-2023 11:28 AM by RedDragon48 in Hot Deals
Amazon had them for less than $1 a can a few months ago.
Post #161555860 added 02-07-2023 11:27 AM by RedDragon48 in Hot Deals
Agree, they usually have this deal at $25
Post #161555662 added 02-07-2023 11:19 AM by rage4order in Hot Deals
Really like to know when and where you EVER got Red Bull for less than $1 a can. 🤣
Post #161555212 added 02-07-2023 11:00 AM by TheRedEyeBandit in Hot Deals
Now someone post a deal for jagermeister
Post #161555209 added 02-07-2023 11:00 AM by audia403 in Hot Deals
I've been buying the 24-pack from Amazon about once a month for quite awhile now. I'll buy when they have a coupon available ranging from $5 to $7. Grand total for my last three orders were: -...
Post #161555167 added 02-07-2023 10:58 AM by Duhr in Hot Deals
Bought in store at Costco last week for $27, but this is a solid price.
Post #161551612 added 02-07-2023 8:40 AM by peterp9538 in Hot Deals
Redbulls are wonderfully balanced and I trust euro regulations than the FDA. The 8.4oz has 80mg of caffeine and with the other ingredients it provides a nice smooth kick. All the other garbage you're...
Post #161551183 added 02-07-2023 8:22 AM by Robertmoss in Hot Deals
Really. These cans are like $2.50 at Walmart. What am I missing or are you comparing redbull to something else. Well in that case your deal doant compare in price to my glass of water with a lime.
Post #161550661 added 02-07-2023 8:00 AM by rage4order in Hot Deals
Well duhh, you're drinking SUGAR FREE energy drinks. I personally just prefer the taste of Red Bull over all others. Considering I only drink MAYBE one a week, I'll deal with the sugar.
Post #161550553 added 02-07-2023 7:54 AM by chunkydude in Hot Deals
besides free shipping, i think this "deal" is not a deal, pretty expensive, a deal is when it's close to $1 a can
Post #161549785 added 02-07-2023 7:23 AM by fiveoh in Hot Deals
Huh? All the energy drinks I drink have zero sugar. Red Bull is a horrible drink for an energy source.
Post #161544088 added 02-06-2023 9:43 PM by Dallas_Llama in Hot Deals
It's the same as a can of soda. Def not "tame"
Post #161543047 added 02-06-2023 8:39 PM by pirezza in Hot Deals
Regular is better +1. The amount of sugar they throw in Red Bull is pretty tame compared to other energy drinks.
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